Hypothermia + Crap = Total Misery

How things look to GREAT GRANDAD SHOUTY

After a “dig it out” win against Wycombe and a very creditable draw against Cambridge there will have been some optimism amongst Poolies as we faced Exeter City. 

The gate was slightly up but the optimism diminished as the team line up was announced. A front two line up of Rhys Oates and Rakish Bingham was a guarantee of presenting the Exeter back four a safe passage. It turned out to be a miserable afternoon and gone are the days when cold weather put the fear of God into teams coming up here from the South.

What’s up with Scott Fenwick? And why was Nathan Thomas left on the bench until the second half? If he wasn’t able to manage 90 minutes maybe he should have been on at the start. As it was, by the time he came on we were already chasing the game. Thomas has the pace to create problems for opposing defences and overall is a good acquisition. Scott Fenwick won’t score a hatful of goals but he’s scored crucial ones when its mattered.
"A front two line up of Rhys Oates and Rakish Bingham was a guarantee of presenting the Exeter back four a safe passage"

The big news of course is the recruitment of Luke James and his arrival has divided Poolies on social networking. My view is that its worth the risk bringing him in – things are getting desperate now and we don’t want a repeat of last season. Already teams around us are starting to pick up points – notice Jack Compton’s hat trick for Yeovil last Saturday? He’s certainly going to be fired up when Yeovil come to Pools.

Coming back to the Wycombe game, I was interested in reading of Plymouth’s twitter account after The Pilgrims lost 1-0 last Saturday. “Wycombe came here to waste time, niggle and get under our skin. They did it and they won”. Couldn’t agree more. They’ve done it more than once at The Vic.

It could be argued, of course, that we’ve had injuries to contend with. The injuries to Billy Paynter and Carl Magnay have not helped – and then, of course, there was the suspensions of Magnay. Hopefully, getting these two back into the reckoning will help to improve things.

After all the trials and tribulations of watching Pools against Exeter City, I decided to partake in some television on the Sunday. Carlise certainly did their best against Everton and the racist chant certainly spoiled what should have been a joyous occasion.

On to the Chelsea v Milton Keynes Dons game and I couldn’t believe how many pundits the BBC had recruited for the game. There were three studio pundits, two touchline pundits and a pundit with the commentator. Add to that we had the public face of Walker’s Crisps grinning like a Cheshire Cat and displaying the fact that there may be a shortage of razor blades where he lives. The man’s a menace – he’s never off the bloody telly. Come off it BBC. How many pundits do you need? It was MK Dons that Chelsea were playing in a 4th Round FA Cup tie – not Barcelona in the Champions League Final. I see that the BBC are now asking over 75 year olds to give up their free TV licences. Should I reach that ripe old age, no way!!!