GREAT GRANDAD SHOUTY looks at all things footy

Well, not a lot to write about as a result of the postponed games. Except, of course, what’s happening elsewhere.

I refer, of course, to the victories by Yeovil and Dagenham and Redbridge last Saturday. These results take them closer to Pools and the next few weeks will be squeaky bum time. Its ok having games in hand but some of these will have to be won – something you wouldn’t bet on at the moment.

 The number of postponed games will, of course, mean a few busy Tuesday nights - plus the fact that the Stevenage game will be called off due to the FA Cup. Its essential, therefore, that we reinforce the squad in the transfer window to take account of possible suspensions and injuries.

The game against Plymouth showed that Pools can take on the top teams in the division but it was criminal at the way in which Plymouth were to score the late, late winner. Firstly, there were questions as to whether the goal scorer, Kelvin Mellor, should have been on the field and secondly why was he allowed to go from one end of the pitch to the other with hardly any challenge.
"The game against Plymouth showed that Pools can take on the top teams in the division"

There are two observations to make about Pools’ attacking qualities. Rakish Bingham is not effective in the traditional centre forward role but has possibilities as a wide player where his speed can put opposing players under pressure. Scott Fenwick is now back in the side but there are times when he’s playing wide and not in the opposing penalty area causing problems.

There have been two bright spots. One is Rhys Oates who puts in the effort and the other is Kal Naismith who, against Plymouth had three players marking him. That shouldn’t happen all the time.

The televised game against Salford City was not the most inspired performance from Pools was it? In both the first and second round ties if our opponents had had anything like decent strikers we would have been dead and buried. Still we came through the ties and should make a bit more money from the Derby County game. As Jeff Stelling wrote in the Daily Telegraph on the day of the Salford city replay, “ I am very proud of where I come from, and will be even prouder if we can get through to that third round. We will be the underdogs and, this being the FA Cup, virtually the whole country will be behind us when we play Derby. I would take 1-0 tonight. It does not matter how you get through, as long as you get through”.

Speaking of the third round of the FA Cup I see that Liverpool supporters are up in arms because the BBC are showing their game at Exeter on the Friday night and they’d find it difficult to make the trip. Oh dear, get out the bucket and catch the tears. Showing the game live, the BBC have proved that they can get something right. After all, the main beneficiary of the switch will be Exeter City and, for once, the BBC have shown that there’s more to footy than Premier League clubs. Liverpool supporters should do what I did when Pools played Exeter a few years ago. Make a weekend of it. You might enjoy yourselves. Hartlepool (and Carlisle for that matter) are further away from Exeter than Liverpool. Rough it for once – you’ll get educated.

Looking elsewhere, this is pain in the butt time. I refer, of course, to the transfer window when all the clubs in the bog standard Premier League fall over themselves to sign overseas players we’ve never heard of. Let’s do away with all the nonsense and abolish the transfer window, which is surely a restraint of trade.