Not What We'd Hoped For

GREAT GRANDAD SHOUTY on what's gone wrong

As at 31st October, the tally was: Position 19th, 17 points. I’m sure Poolies would have looked for something better but there it is. It does appear as though there are two worse sides than Pools – Dagenham and Redbridge and Yeovil. So far as the latter go, Carlisle certainly did us a favour last Saturday. Yeovil were 2-0 up but thanks to a Carlisle fightback lost out by 3-2. We can’t always rely on other teams and at some stage we’ll have to start chalking up points ourselves.

What’s gone wrong? We seem to be able to create chances but I think our problems lie in midfield. Let’s turn the clock back. When Pools reached the League One play offs two seasons running we had Mark Tinkler as a defensive midfielder and Ritchie Humphreys to provide the creative skill. And then when it came to getting out of League Two we had Willie Boland as the ball winner. Then Gary Liddle came on the scene and since he left to go to Notts County midfield has always been a problem. Too often, the ball is cleared out of defence to Rakish Bingham who can only do so much and there is nothing in midfield to create anything. How often do you see teams come to The Vic who build from the back and create chances from midfield? Those teams are not world beaters after all and we’ve got try and copy them if we can. If Accrington and Morecambe can get into the upper reaches of League 2 on smaller gates than Pools then there’s no reason why we can’t do better.

Some of the social network sites have been calling for Ronnie Moore’s head. But this won’t solve any problems. With resources limited, the players we can bring in will either be has-beens or promising. Yes, I’m sure Ronnie Moore has the contacts but unless the money’s there his hands are tied. Gone are the days when the oil industry was making lots of money; things have changed dramatically and Pools have suffered as a result. Had the oil servicing industry raked in the profits then Pools wouldn’t have been in their current predicament. Still, Pools have more points than Chelsea – and dare I say it – Sunderland and Newcastle. It can’t all be bad.
"Pools have more points than Chelsea – and dare I say it – Sunderland and Newcastle. It can’t all be bad."

The social network sites have also been calling for Billy Paynter to be dropped and I find this to be a bit of a mystery . He is, after all, our leading scorer and, at times, has to help out in defence. Rhys Oates seems to be showing promise so maybe there is some light at the end of the tunnel. Perhaps we can PAYNT the town blue and sow some wild OATES.

Elsewhere, the game of football never ceases to amaze me. The latest farce is Manchester City being charged by UEFA because their fans booed the Champions League anthem. The next thing we’ll have is some club being charged because their fans chant that the referee is a xxxxxx. The goings on in FIFA go over my head. The organisation will surely sink under accusations of corruption and deceit. At least with Pools we can debate the simple things of life!