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Some extra thoughts from BILLY'S CONTRACT


I could not resist a chuckle when I heard that the Boro Chairman Steve Gibson was calling George Osborne's representative on earth James Wharton (Minster for Northern Powerhouse or was it the Northern coal house) 'An absolute clown' with regards to the Governments response to the steel crisis over in Teesside. 

Whilst I have every sympathy with those workers who face losing their livelihoods, Mr Gibson's comments seem a tad hypocritical when one considers that most of the steel that was used in the construction of The Cellnet Stadium was shipped in from Germany.

Even more galling was the fact that the Cellnet was built on land only a few hundred yards away from the then, British Steel/Corus plant that is now staring closure in the face.

We are also saw a repeat of the solidarity much like when Corus was due to close a few years back when Gibson had the Steel workers parading around the ground prior to kick off with SOS banners (Save our Steel) to promote their plight.

The cynic in me had me thinking that Mr. Gibson is worried that due to the predicted job losses of 2/4,000 workers, this in turn will impact on Boro's future crowd attendances and price hikes, should they manage to get into the Premiership.

I am inclined to think that SOS actually translates as Save our Season ticket sales.

Just a thought: Do Mercedes use British-made steel in their lorries?


When I first saw Steve McNulty take to the field for Luton against Pools last season I honestly thought that he was in the wrong place and had inadvertently mistaken the Vic for either Rovers or West's rugby grounds.

I could not believe that from the shape and size of him with his greying hair that he was a professional footballer. 

I recall saying to my mates that he looks like a fan  who has won a raffle to play ten minutes in a football team to raise much needed  funds for the club in question.  He had the look of someone you see playing on Grayfields on a Sunday morning after a night out on the pop....or in the cells!

I thought that last season as well as this, that our forwards would have the rip with him. It turned out that none of them troubled him or got anywhere near him, (or were just plain frightened by his presence). He pretty much won every header that came his way. Why nobody ran at him with ball to feet is a mystery to me.

After the match I googled his playing history and boy, this lad is no mug. Ex Liverpool academy. Four promotions under his belt, Captain of three clubs (Barrow, Fleetwood and Luton) Luton's player of the year. Winner of Luton's goal of the season.  Not to mention  being included in The Football Association League Two team of the season 2014/ 2015.

He was adored by the Luton fans whose nickname for him is Sumo. 

A few weeks back, because of family reasons, he went  out on loan to Tranmere with a view to a permanent move.

Fot those of you doubting the lad's ability go on You Tube and tap in Steve McNulty's wonder goal v Southport, followed by Steve McNulty showboating v Wrexham. You'll be impressed.

The goal against Southport is incredible but the celebration is just something else. He turns around walks away head down as if to say well that's me done for the day, I'm just going to have a wander down the pub. The reaction to the goal was almost akin to him scoring the most spectacular own goal in the history of football.
I have total respect for him and it goes to prove that you should not judge a book by its cover. Which reminds me - I see that that lump Jon Parkin scored again for Forest Green on Saturday!