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October seemed to be a month of struggle, with memories returning of twelve months previously. Let's hope Ronnie gets the wheels back on soon.We don't want to go through all that again.

This picture came to us purporting to be of the damage caused by a bomb at the Victoria Ground. While the Kaiser demolished our grandstand (99 years ago this month) we weren't aware of what damage was inflicted by Hitler, but of course with the docks being a valid target for both gentlemen in the days when a wayward goal kick could end up in a now filled-in dock, it would have been equally at risk. It doesn't look to have been a big bomb anyway. 

While we weren't able to work out which war it was, we also weren't sure if it was in fact our Vic - it could have been Stoke City's Victoria Ground, or in fact another ground altogether. If you have any suggestions, let us know.