A Lucky Point

Match report by RUNNING MONKEY at the Vic

Pools 1 Barnet 1 (League 2) Tuesday October 20th 2015


Carson made his first home appearance and this was also the return of old boy Micky Nelson, who only got on in extra time but managed to avoid an own goal with a misplaced header. He was offered a walking stick from H'Angus as he warmed up on the line. Another return to the Vic also for 'Mad Dog' Martin Allen, who claims he swam the Tees twice on previous visits and beat us both times. Carson had a good game but had little chance with their goal that gave them a point.

Pools managed to go ahead early in the game with a well-worked goal. A quick ball out from Carson set Bingham off down the line and he made a great cross for Oates who was there to stab the ball home.

It was a typical Allen side, that tested us all the way but in the first half we held out and defended well with the new boy, Magnus, steadying the ship. He looks as if he gives Harrison a bit more confidence to go forward too.

There was a round of applause in tribute to Michael Maidens. I cannot believe it is eight years now. It was good to see the warming up Barnet subs joining in the applause.

The Barnet keeper made a good stop at the foot of his post from a Carroll shot that almost scraped in. Paynter had hard luck with his shot that just skimmed past the upright after some good play between him and Bingham, but that was the last real effort of the first half.

As well as we played in the first half, the visitors stepped up a gear or two and we retreated into our shell once again. Some poor passing led to hoofing it aimlessly, and the visitors just took over the game.

They did have the ball in the net but it was ruled offside. This was probably the only favour the officials afforded us all night. Barnet were physical and the ref let a lot go. The big centre forward wrestled his way through our defence and hustled us out of a lot of tackles, which should have been made. We were second best again this half and lucky to get away with a draw.
"...we were lucky to get a draw from this game so a point is good."

The defending was better but the midfield should now be called the missed field and they were anonymous for long periods of the second half. Walker did very little and Jones seemed to be more content with just shifting the ball than making any purposeful use of it.

Carson was called on to pull us out with some good saves as they doubled their effort whereas the chances we managed to make were squandered.

Oates had a great chance but his effort was blocked on the line. Bingham was one on one with the keeper but to be honest he fluffed his chance and the keeper saved it. Any striker should score from four yards out with the keeper floundering.

Their goal was similar to last week's when a ball over the top saw Pools stand still and the visitors race on and score.

In the end we were lucky to get a draw from this game so a point is good. It could have been so different if only we had taken the early chances we had in the game. Hendrie, ,Magnus and Banton look like decent replacements, but how many times have we said that? It was a poor display by the ref, who waited till Oates had been chopped at least five times before he found his card.

We now have a drum in the Town End - hope it is left at home next game!