This Was a Shocker

Match report by RUNNING MONKEY at the Vic

Pools 0 Bristol Rovers 3  (League 2) Tuesday September 29th 2015

This was a shocker. I lost my notes on the way home, which was probably a good job for some of our players. When I say players I use the term loosely as today none of them came out with anything that you would call a praiseworthy performance. 

Trigger, the old likeable clown of the old Pools side who in his school report of those days was never going to be a manager, was too much of a nice guy to cut the rough in managing circles. Well this nice, affable clown brought a side to the Vic which played the pants off Pools from the first whistle to the last, and looked very comfortable doing it.

If this had been a Pools performance they would have been proclaimed as “brilliant”, magnificent even. They were fast on the break, great in defence and absolutely tortured us in midfield. Men against boys.

There were some dismal performances throughout the Pools side, as the whole team just could not hold onto the ball and invariably, under pressure, just shipped it out, and ninety percent of the time it was shipped to the opposition. All they had to do was sit and watch us break down, pick up the ball and get us on the back foot.

It was monotonous the number of times we gave them possession and then scrambled back in desperation to defend. It was a throw-back to early last season, and it was not pretty to watch. In fact it was criminal. Apart from Bartlett hoofing the ball into their half I do not remember what you might call a run at their defence.

Master Bates was back to his very worst and consistently lost the ball either in a tackle or another misplaced pass. He was so bad we were sure he would be hooked at half time but he lasted about an hour - which was fifty minutes too long.
The first goal took three attempts; after Bartlett had blocked it twice it spun up for an easy header on the line that our defenders stood and admired rather than doing anything about it. The second one came from another Bates mistake and they just ran past him and slotted it home.
"If this had been a Pools performance they would have been proclaimed as “brilliant”, magnificent even."

The third goal was gifted by Oyenuga, who just followed his team mates and made a back pass - this time to Easter. Remember him? The lad who was laughed out of the Vic because he got nervous in front of goal. His performance tonight could have made him Man of the Match as he ripped us to shreds all night.

Oyenuga had replaced Walker who, in the whole match, was the only Pools player to threaten their goal, with a good free kick that was dipping in but which their keeper managed to tip over. You have to question Mr Moore on this substitution, when Bates was so bad in the middle and Walker was at least attempting to carry the ball forward.

We have to hope this was a one-off game and we can recover for Luton on Saturday - but don’t hold your breath.