Any Other Business


September seemed to be one to forget, but things started to improve. First a home draw with Cambridge stopped the rot, then a somewhat fortuitous win at Yeovil signalled that the train was back on the rails. 

And then along comes Darrell Clarke with his Pirates, who carried off the points in swashbuckling style, while Pools could only stand by and watch. And of course Jermaine Easter had to score against his old club, didn't he!

It seems that for Ronnie it's the Great Escape scenario staring him in the face all over again. Ah, well, we Poolies have seen it all before... many, many times.

It's now the silly season for managerial changes, and none sillier than down at Brentford. The Bees were playing us very recently, but then Mark Warburton took them to the upper reaches of the Championship. But since he's a manager and they're owned by a company specialising in statistical analysis software for sports clubs, they didn't need someone who could think for himself. Accordingly Warburton was told he was out long before their playoffs defeat by the Boro. They then brought in a foreign coach to do the computer's bidding. He was sacked after 8 matches, the last two of which they won. It would be nice to know if he won those two matches by ignoring the computer, which might explain his sacking. 

We bet Mark Warburton must be smiling at that, knowing that as manager of Glasgow Rangers, he has a chance to really show Brentford's owners two fingers. 

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