Penalty Miss-takes Send Pools Out

Match report by RUNNING MONKEY at the Vic

Pools 1 Sheffield United 1  Tuesday Sept 1st 2015

(3-4 after penalties, and Pools go out of the League Trophy) 

Once again we see ourselves pitched against another Yorkshire club up for the cup. A repeat of last season's second round game, which we lost. 

The Ditchburn Poolie and myself had a guessing game as to the crowd tonight. It looked about half of the gate on Saturday - around two and a half thousand with a fair sprinkling of Yorkshire folk in the Rink End. My prediction of two thousand six hundred and fifty two was slightly higher than the Ditchburn who was trying to count them. He eventually gave a figure of two thousand two hundred and sixty eight. He tends to guesstimate the fans smoking in the bogs and at the bars. Apparently H.U.F.C. have different rules on smoking areas in the ground for cup games. The Ditchburn was closer, as the figure was two thousand two hundred and twenty one. You can tell it was one of those games when we have to amuse ourselves.

The early signs looked ominous, as like Bournemouth we were having trouble staying with them, and in the early confrontations they pulled us apart quite easily.

Their goal was well made with some slick passing football, and Bartlett made a good save for the first shot but the ball was hit straight past him on the follow-up.

We were pinned back and made little of what possession we did have as they dictated the game. Duckworth, with some great close quarter footwork found himself free down the line but his cross was cut out. Oates managed to break loose and at least get a ball into the box but we were feeding on scraps.
"we were having trouble staying with them, and in the early confrontations they pulled us apart quite easily"

There was some desperate defending of the Pools goal and Bartlett was made to work really hard to keep it at one nil. Bingham almost got through as he pressed a defender who tried a back pass, and the speed of Bingham almost caught out the keeper. Oates on another run managed a cross but Fenwick was too far forward for him to connect.

Duckworth, who was having a good game, came closest for Pools with a curling shot that just went wide.

After the break Pools looked to have got over their stage fright and began to make a game of it. A great diagonal ball from Jones left Fenwick in space who at last tested their keeper. Bingham picked up a loose ball and made a great run into the heart of the visitors' defence.  He laid the ball off for Fenwick, charging in behind him, to score an equaliser.

The visitors stepped up their game after the Pools goal and a number of subs were brought on, maybe with an eye on penalties. Duckworth made a great tackle to thwart the visitors but he was injured in the challenge. Sounds like a hamstring so he will be out for a bit.

The visitors were putting on the pressure again, and again it was difficult to break out. Carroll made a break and kept going and hit a screamer from a long way out, that could have been a contender for goal of the season, but sadly he was just wide of the mark.

At least we had made a game of it in the second half and deserved the chance to go into a penalty shoot out. Sadly both Harrison and Fenwick had their attempts saved, and Bartlett, who had been superb throughout the game, only managed to save one shot.

So our cup run “eth” over once again, and it's now four defeats in a row, so early in the season. But as one Poolie commented "I am not bothered, as the chips in Wembley would have cost us a fortune."