Any Other Business


An interesting August, wasn't it? Four wins on the trot before the rot set in at Stevenage, followed by a pasting in the League Cup and a surrender to Carlisle. And having started September with a defeat on penalties, a growing injured list, and with difficult fixtures coming up, the future doesn't look too promising, at least until Ronnie can use his magic when the loan window opens. 

Ronnie said that we wouldn't meet a team as good as Bournemouth Reserves this season. Imagine what their first team would have done.

Remember the story about Pools signing a player, for whom the transfer fee was a box of kippers?
Well, this was spotted recently at an antiques centre in the Cotswolds. We wondered if the story could be more recent than we were led to believe, and that this is in fact the actual kipper box.
That could also explain why Ronnie seems to be drawn to footy clubs in maritime places (even if it doesn't explain his affinity with Rotherham.)

Well done to the new supporters' trust for their move to help safeguard the Vic by having it designated as a community asset. With the new owners making noises about ownership of the ground (but rather more tactfully than Ken did), this seems a sensible move. Besides any legal implications, it might also prove useful in that it allows Poolies to feel that 'The Town's Club' really is, to some extent at least, the town's club.

And finally, congratulations to Sam Collins, who carried on the winning run while Ronnie was away on family business. When he was caretaker manager, Sam was really a player in disguise, which is bound to be a handicap when authority needs to be exercised, but obviously he's now moved on from that.

After Ronnie returned from Spain, he said that for the next match he would be taking a back seat and leaving Sam to it. We liked Sam's response of "That'll be the day!"

It's best not to mention what's happened since then though!