Just the Ticket

Ticket collection report by BILLY'S CONTRACT at the Vic

Monday August 3rd 2015

Today was the day the tickets for the away fixture with York went on sale. As I missed out on same tickets for last years corresponding fixture I got my wife to drop me off at the Pools ticket office bright and early at 9.30a.m (the middle of the night for me!) a good half hour before it opened. 

Ahead of me were around a dozen or so fans including Krimo who said that he had been at the head of the queue since 8.50 a.m. The half hour we waited until the ten o'clock opening time passed fairly quickly, what with having the craic with a few other Poolies who were standing in line. The ticket office opened promptly at 10.05am on the dot ...five minutes late.

Only one member of staff was selling tickets and it took nearly eight minutes to serve the first fan. It took nearly as long to process the next sale. At this stage the fans who were in the queue were raising their eyes to heaven or shrugging their shoulders. Nobody complained or got angry - we just resigned ourselves to it being business as usual on the Pools administration side.
"we just resigned ourselves to it being business as usual on the Pools administration side"

After about twenty minutes another girl came in, to assist the lone ticket seller on the counter (I thought that there was some health and safety legislation about 'lone workers'), who asked for another computer to be 'opened up'.  'Deep Joy', I sighed, but this used up a further ten minutes while it booted up. Shortly afterwards the phone rings and one of the ticket staff serving on the counter answers the call, and is taking a ticket enquiry from someone who has now effectively jumped the queue. Apart from anything else, I felt this was bad manners.

Eventually I got served, and as I was leaving I said to another punter who was a couple of places behind, that due to the speed that they were selling each ticket, that he might as well go home and not bother to get a ticket, as the office closes at 4p.m.

Maybe it is just me, as my previous working backround was related to customer service, and it is something that I am still passionate about. Based on previous experience regarding the York game, surely Pools would/should know that tickets for this game sell out very quickly. If I was running the show I would have made sure that:

1 The ticket office opened bang on ten o'clock (if not before), which after all is their opening time

2 At least two two sales people would be on the desk

3 That the computers would have been up and running before they opened up for business

4 Any incoming phone calls should be diverted to the main office

In the time I spent queuing,  my wife dropped me off at the ground, picked the monster-in-law up (sorry, mother-in-law), which involved putting her walking frame in and out of the car, and took her shopping at Asda. She had to wait a further 20 minutes for me in the club's car park before I showed up.

On the topic of customer service, when I got home I rang a plumber's merchant about a spare part that I required for a sink repair. Althought the sales girl answered the phone politely, I went to give her the reference number of the part and she said... "hang on, I haven't got my screen opened up on my computer".

In the end she said she would ring me back in half an hour. In the interim I rang another company and they could not have been more helpful, and I gave them the order straight away. The girl did return my call... two hours later, so you can guess which company will get all my future business.