Any Other Business


Well, it's certainly been an interesting summer at the Vic.

Ken and IOR are departed, as are many of last season's players, with new owners and a shedful of new players replacing them. It remains to be seen what effect any of the comings and goings will ultimately have, so all we can say is that the early signs are positive (as long as we don't have to play Scunthorpe or Gateshead again!)

Here's a pic from the 1950s, of Pools training. The Mill House side still had a wooden roof over a very small part of it and the fashion for concrete terracing hadn't yet reached County Durham, so training on a cinder-covered hillside was an option that few modern-day footballers get to experience. Watty Moore, as befits his hard-man image, is the only one not wearing a complete tracksuit.

This clip was sent in by Wallace and Gromit, concerning a player we also know to be a good up-and-coming goalkeeper. As Ronnie has been signing up goalkeepers all summer, we wonder if Jake was ever under consideration - not that it matters now.

The previous item about Manchester United kit prices makes us wonder how much use anyone would get out of a baby-sized football kit. And whether the club badge would cover most of the front of a baby-sized shirt.

And finally, congratulations to the Pools under-16 girls' 5-a side team, which won the tournament held at Wembley on Ladies' FA Cup Final day. It's not often that players in Pools shirts are even seen on television during an FA Cup Final broadcast, let alone actually winning a trophy.

First team - please take note!