Bounce Back Ability

The view from WAGGA MOON

Home and hosed with a game to spare, who would have thought that at Christmas?

It has to be said it was more to do with how poor Cheltenham and Tranmere were than any heroics from the Pools squad. Even when we were absolutely desperate for a home win against Southend and Accrington we could not manage one and took a hiding at Luton when we were looking for at least a point. Thankfully our two rivals were even more abysmal than us and we escaped the drop.

It was a good battling performance against Exeter and a well deserved win even without our star loan signing David Mirfin. We should do all we can to make him a permanent signing.
But before that we must sort out the retained list and there are not a lot of players who deserve to be here next season. Unfortunately there will be some who are neither use nor ornament who will be staying thanks to being on longer contracts than they ever deserved. Those with a Boro connection or a friend called Colin Cooper.

Scott Harrison, Dan Jones, Brad Walker, Michael Woods, Nicky Featherstone, Ebby Nelson-Addy, and Scott Fenwick are the ones I would keep and I would try and sign loanees Mirfin, Tishibola, Rakish Bingham and Jordan Hugill."...there are not a lot of players who deserve to be here next season. Unfortunately there will be some ...who will be staying thanks to being on longer contracts than they ever deserved."

I am sure Ronnie Moore will have a number of targets in his sights and I have the utmost faith in his ability to spot a decent player. One signing that did not work out was Marvin Morgan who had very little game time but showed he can score a goal. Obviously something has gone on behind the scenes and it seems we are never going to find out what it was.

For people who say Pools never have any luck I think we have used up about five years' supply this season with our abysmal results not really doing us any harm. But we must ensure we never get into this position ever again.

Mr Hodcroft must come out and tell us his plans for the future. if he has not got the money to invest in the club will he bring people on board who may be able to help or will he sell up? If it is the latter let's hope Russ Green can find some sincere and affluent buyers and not the bunch of shysters he came up with last time, whom he even joined on their board.

Ronnie Moore did a brilliant job in the second half of the season, and given financial backing and a free rein can quickly turn the club around and see us battling at the top of the league instead of the bottom.

You only have to look at Bournemouth this season and their promotion to the Premier League.
Five years ago they were a worse team than Pools and we regularly gave them a good tonking both home and away. Then a couple of years ago, on the brink of administration, they got a Russian owner to take them over. Certainly no Roman Abravonich but still worth a few bob.

But he did not go for big name signings or manager. Brought back Eddie Howe who had played for the club and managed them before having an unsuccessful year at Burnley. The players they signed were not "big names" but from the same level or a division higher or lower, but good solid professionals.

With Ronnie .Moore's knowledge of the lower leagues and his superb list of contacts I am sure he could put together a formidable side on not a lot of money.

Whatever happens it is certainly going to be an interesting summer, and as usual it is never boring being a Poolie.