Game On!

WAGGA MOON is optimistic

After a slip-up against Stevenage and a narrow defeat the boys bounced back in style to down the Dons. 

A brilliant second-half performance and the Vic bouncing with the fans really getting behind the team  - there was no way we were going to lose this one. The players were finally up for the fight and the noise was like going back to the good old days of Porter and Boyd tearing defences apart.

A goal on his debut for Ryan Bird and you can't ask for much more than that. And 12 minutes added time. I can't remember anything as long as that in a previous Pools match.

And we had tragedy and hilarity in those 57 minutes. The horrific injury to Michael Woods which has ended his season, followed by the heroic efforts of a St John Ambulance lady who went on the pitch to attend to the stricken young man. And all she got for her efforts was a couple of thousand Chubby Brown sound-alikes chanting at her as she tried to hurry across the pitch. One wit in the crowd was heard to comment "At least she can run faster than Marlon."

Mr Harewood may be getting some stick from sections of the crowd for his lack of goals, but I believe he has a big part to play in the remaining dozen games. His experience could prove invaluable as could his nuisance value, and ability to keep defences on their toes as he is such an awkward customer who can open up more chances for the rest of the team. And I believe he is committed to the cause and genuinely wants Pools to do well, and I would always have him in the squad.

As for Marvin Morgan, we have yet to see the best of him as he is not match fit, but I think he will be a big success and score us some vital goals before the season is over. Defender David Mirfin is class at this level and we are very lucky to have him. Plus he will bring the best out of Scott Harrison and young Dan Jones. We need to get Mirfin on a long contract before someone else moves in and snaps him up.

"The players were finally up for the fight and the noise was like going back to the good old days of Porter and Boyd tearing defences apart."So some excellent work by Ronnie Moore. If he had been appointed last summer and allowed to bring in his own staff and players, there is no way we would be in this perilous position. More likely we would be competing for a place in the play-offs.

I don't want to sound critical of Ronnie, who is in the Sir Cyril Knowles and Danny Wilson managerial quality bracket, but the loan signing of Jordan Jones from Middlesbrough does puzzle me. We have done the loaning of Borer youngsters (and oldies) to death under the shambles of Cooper.

There is no doubt that Borer have some talented youngsters but unfortunately they don't loan them to Hartlepool United. They tend to go out to other clubs around the country and we tend to get the dross like Ryan Brobbel and David Atkinson, who came here and didn't play a game. And that is without mentioning Matthew Bates and Stewart Parnaby, two signings that sum up the management capabilities of Colin Cooper. And someone has mentioned they are both on two-year contracts, which, if correct is a typical case of jobs for the would-be mountain climber. After the fiasco at Victoria Park Cooper would be lucky to get a manager's job at South Bank Pork Butchers' XI.

The failed takeover by TMH 2014 came as little a surprise to anyone. With Uncle Ken hovering in the background and turning up at matches, it looked more and more certain that there was a rabbit away, and we would be stuck with our oil magnate for the rest of the season.

Hopefully we will win our battle against relegation as I would certainly not like to be Ken Hodcroft or Russ Green if the unthinkable happens after the last three years of gross mismanagement of our beloved club.