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As I Seen It -Burton Albion (h)


POOLS 0 - BURTON ALBION 1   League 2  Saturday 7th March 2015

Match report by RUNNING MONKEY at The Vic


Today was going to be a big game as I expected at least a point on Tuesday night so more pressure piled on us for a result today. But our home form was such that expectations were high despite another top team arriving at the Vic; we just had to be up for the game today. 

Arriving a little late I found someone standing in our spot just as they did last week - if it carries on like this we will be behind the goal in a couple of games. Being late is not a situation I am happy with. Planners should think about us Headlanders getting to the ground when they go altering roads to suit themselves. When they built the Marina Way flyover it was simple to queue on the centre of the dual carriageway and turn into the Mail office when the lights changed. Now the lights are blocked I have to circle round the top of Church St and join the queue to cross the road I have just come down. And it takes twice as long to get over the road. 

Today the chauffeur, who thought there was a quicker way as the traffic was heavier than usual, decided to cut along Tower St and have a straight run to the Mail office. As we arrived at the co-op roundabout, there had been an accident and the road I was hoping to join was totally blocked. The chauffeur, who now had to turn round to the original route, is now looking for a new job. Thinking for herself is not in her job description. "A load of old tosh", I hear you say. I agree, but I have columns to fill and there was not enough football on show today to do that. 

Mr. Moore, who I rate very highly, decided to bring back Marlon to the fray, not a popular move with a lot of fans, and Jones and Jones were the other two changes. Ok, the Middlebrough lad needs a start and Dan Jones has never let anyone down at full back. Some of his critics say he ducks a few tackles but I think the lad has skill, and the only way to develop is to get games under your belt. 

In the case of Marlon, you never know which one is going to turn up. Today, in my opinion, the wrong one appeared. Some will say the manager has little option, but why not try Walker up front - he can handle himself and has proved in the past he can shoot. But what do I know? 

The Ditchburn Poolie was out of character today, applauding the ref, Mr. Bond, after just two and a half minutes for booking a Burton player for diving in the box. An obvious ploy by the Burton player to test out the ref early in the game, and he got his just desserts. Near the end of the game Chervase trundled along and explained that he had just walked in at the time, and he had thought it was a blatant foul by Harrison on the player. Now I have to explain that Chervase, not his real name, was on his way for another pint, and he had obviously consumed his quota, so I think it may have just been the drink talking. 

If I have to talk about the game, I could say early doors it was end-to-end stuff, with Ned making saves and McLaughlin at the other end not having to make saves. In truth once again there was very little threat on their goal throughout the match. Marlon had a weak header at the keeper but no sting in it. The stars of the Pool side today were Harrison and Mirfin, both having a testing time against Burton. Harrison in particular was immense, and Mirfin personified how cool a player he can be doing the simple things the simple way. "If I have to talk about the game, I could say early doors it was end-to-end stuff, with Ned making saves and McLaughlin at the other end not having to make saves."

Marlon was petulant at times. Having lost a ball as he was going to ground, the expected free kick was not given. His next action was to push an opponent to the turf, giving them a free kick in a good position. Luckily we cleared the danger. 

The second half was worse than the first, and the call the fans wanted was made, as Marlon was hauled off and Smith and Franks replaced him and Compton. I thought the double substitution was to lessen the boos for Marlon on his way off. Franks came closer than anyone up to that point with a run down the wing and chip that made it over the keeper but just sailed past the back stick. 

At this time most Pools fans would have taken a point, as neither side deserved a win. The company I keep on the terrace were of the opinion that if this Burton team were promoted it would be a crime against football. One lad who shall be known as Mick said he has never seen a decent team in this league all season, so what does that say about us having been beaten by most of them already? 

Once again we were mugged. Just as we thought we were going to get a point, and all the other teams down in the mud with us were getting beat, the visitors broke free and scored a winner which set their fans off chanting that we are going down. Now, for a team second top and going for promotion, bringing only one hundred and fifty fans to a game which is pretty close in comparison to most, and to chant "you are going down" seemed a bit sad, as they had never cheered their team on all through the match - their football was as bad as our own. 

But after this week I have to admit the prospect of non-league footy at the Vic looks likely now.