At Least There's Hope

GREAT GRANDAD SHOUTY hasn't given up yet

Recent home victories against Cheltenham, Plymouth and Wimbledon have encouraged us to think we can get out of the big hole.

Ronnie Moore has certainly geed things up and there’s no better example than Jack Compton. When he first arrived at Pools, I was encouraged with what I saw but so far as this season goes he’d certainly gone off the boil. Brian Clough once said that one of the most difficult aspects of football management was to decide which players wanted a kick up the backside and which players needed a kiss and a cuddle. We can only speculate as to the option which was taken up by Ronnie Moore."It's at home where we'll have to do it, for the away record is abysmal"

Just when we thought that we might be free of injuries, we get the ankle injury to Scott Fenwick and the horrific injury to Michael Woods - who is, unfortunately, out for the rest of the season. His ability to grab the opportunity given to him by Pools says a lot for his determination. The swiftness of Ronnie Moore in plugging the hole left by Scott Fenwick is a tribute to his resourcefulness. What would previous managers have done?

What have we got to look forward to? Although, the first Saturday in March sees us against top-of-the-table Burton Albion, the last five home games should be there for the taking - Mansfield, Cambridge, Southend, Accrington Stanley and Exeter City. It's at home where we'll have to do it, for the away record is abysmal, and over the past few seasons it’s the away record that has been good. Speaking of Accrington Stanley, how they are surviving is anyone’s guess. Against Burton Albion a couple of weeks ago, their gate was under a thousand. During the 1960s, Accrington Stanley dropped out of the league and at this rate they must be finding it difficult to balance the books.

While all this has been going on, everyone’s been getting their bowels in a uproar about the 2022 World Cup. We now have the assurance by Sepp Blatter that the final will be held on December 18th - after all, the poor guy wants to be home for Christmas. Meanwhile, everyone (including Pools supporters) will have their season buggered up because of FIFA. There are two things which are disturbing: one is the treatment of the foreign construction workers who are being exploited and need an exit visa to get home and the other is the general political instability that is enveloping the Middle East at this particular time. Should this begin to affect Qatar I’ve no doubt that FIFA will drop them like hot cakes. And when FIFA start begging for other nations to stage the 2022 World Cup I hope our FA will have the balls to say “get lost”.

Lastly, two aspects of a current nature. Have you ever noticed that Gary Lineker is never off our TV screens? He’s now making more appearances than Beckham. And there seems to be a shortage of razor blades as well. The other things is: what is the connection between the England football team and the England cricket team when each are competing in their respective World Cups? The answer is that each need an aircraft at the ready for an early flight home.