Here We Go Again

WAGGA MOON looks at the situation

ONE step forward and two steps back is the usual way of things at Victoria Park over the last few years.

And under the new "owners" this would seem to be how things are going. After all the anticipation before Christmas of getting rid of the Fuhrer, we have a group who say even less than him and are just as reticent of saying what their plans are, and what is going on, Indeed of even saying who the hell they are. The early promises from Mr Harris that money would be available to Ronnie Moore to bring in new players was quickly changed to "there would be some available for some loans,"

And with Russ Green being made a director of the club and Sam Collins made assistant manager it suddenly dawned on the fans that nothing much has changed at the club. And with Molly Flinders being made captain it seems the Old Boys Network is alive and well. The promise of a fans' representative on the board has yet to happen.

This despite a number of people on a little-known message board claiming they have just the man for the job. Evidently he is a lover of fine art and a lover of 5,000 imaginary women according to his proud boasts. Goes visiting them on his bike evidently, and never takes his cycle clips off. Apparently some rapscallion nicked them once when he was up to one of his dirty deeds. I won't embarrass him by naming him but his user name rhymes with "Knows f*** all."

On the field things are definitely looking up, as was to be expected with a class act like Moore in charge. He is definitely getting a big improvement out of the squad and just think what he could do without one hand tied behind his back. The big worry is that he will get frustrated that things promised haven't been delivered, because if that happened we would be sunk without a trace.

A big blow was Mansfield recallisg Rakish Bingham last Monday. He is a real promising youngster with a bit of pace and has a goal in him and it seemed he was happy to play for Pools. Obviously with Mansfield slipping into the relegation zone they did not want his goals for Pools to send them down.
"On the field things are definitely looking up, as was to be expected with a class act like Moore in charge."
With Pools seven points from safety there are still plenty of games to get out of trouble. And surely there are two worse teams in the league than Pools. Mansfield, Carlisle, York, the Daggers and Cheltenham are certainly no great shakes, and if Moore stays I think we can overhaul at least two of those also-rans.

It just shows the quality of players Colin Cooper left as his legacy at the club. Twelve players put up as available to go out on loan and not an inquiry for one of them. Indeed the old pals' act of giving good contracts to Matthew Bates and Stewart Parnaby was the final straw.

Parnaby is well known to be the most injury-prone defender in football with 70 odd appearances in the last eight years. Who would even even think of signing him but Colin, who is a good friend of his father. And an assistant manager role for another of his old Boro mates Stephen Pears, who of course is now doing such a good job as a goalkeeping coach. How Flapper Flinders has improved under his tutelage. NOT.

 No wonder it took Colin so long to get a manager's job in the Leaguem and hardly surprising it was someone with as little football knowledge as Ken Hodcroft that gave him it.

I am writing this before transfer deadline day and it is expected that Marvin Morgan will be signing from Plymouth. I welcome this signing if it comes off, as he is just what we need at the club - a big striker who can look after himself and score a goal or two.

Hopefully he won't be the only one as we now need to replace Bingham, and a left back, which we have needed for years, and another centre back and goalkeeper. Because if we don't speculate now and end up being relegated it will cost us a LOT of money ever to regain our League st,atus if we ever would.