As I Seen It - Plymouth Argyle

RUNNING MONKEY sees yet another win

Pools 3 Plymouth Argyle 2
League 2
Victoria Park
31st January 2015

First the important bit: Mr. Chris Kavanagh, could you please go home asap, you left your glasses at home. At least the ones that see more than one colour.
Ok, you are new to this game but the rules should cover both teams, and if you rule against one on every decision, the fans of that team will get upset. You looked as if you ignored my comments when I spoke to you from the Town End when Fenwick was brought down in the box. Yes that was Fenwick in the other yellow shirt that is actually blue. I suppose that once we turned round at half time (yes, that is another rule of the game), because you had left your glasses at home, you could not see the difference and you actually gave us a couple of fifty-fifty decisions!

Just to sum up your game today, if I were you I would at least send half of your fee back and make a visit to Specsavers with the rest. But you do get a first, by introducing shaving cream to the game today.

So to today’s rumours on the terrace. The big one was that the new board of HUFC had cleared off, adding to the earlier rumour that they had not yet registered with the Football League since taking over. Is there anyone out there who could tell me the name of the so called new HUFC Board, and if so where the hell are they? Not even a twitter from them in the programme, so fans are bound to think there is a rabbit off. Have we got another Sheffield / Turner oil company involved with our club? We don’t half know how to pick them don’t we! To all those who shouted for IOR to move on, remember at the time Hodcroft said "be careful what you wish for."

One rumour today concerned, believe it or not, a boiler, No, no, not an indiscretion by any unknown member or members of the board with an aged lady of the night. The story goes that after many a request to Mr. Hovercraft, a new boiler was need for the changing rooms. All requests were refused, but the new missing owners had instructed someone to get it done.

Supposedly IOR, who, according to the Football League, are still the owners, had not sanctioned the new boiler. So it looks as if the new board, whoever they are, had in fact spent money belonging to IOR.  Now with IOR's past record there may be something in that story. and as I have never seen any of the new people I could only agree with the rumour that they have gone lock stock and boiler. Welcome back Mr. Hovercraft.

Don’t you just love a good rumour, especially those without any foundation. A couple of usual contenders for the takeover were on the lips of a few. Dean Construction, whose van has been seen around the Vic since Adam was a lad, and the other, mentioned a few weeks ago along with Cameron’s, was Niramax. So if there is not any other business, we turn our attention to football.

The visitors today, despite a good defensive record, had only drawn the last four matches, and not had a win since Christmas, so for once the form book was in Pools' favour, despite our lowly position.

Pools looked good at the start and were playing some good passing football, The visitors looked a tidy side and could have taken a lead early on as they were left free in front of goal but their striker lost control of the ball and the threat was cleared.

From a break down the left by Tishi to the dead ball line, he floated a great ball into the mix which was missed by two defenders in the goalmouth and Franks, racing in on the back post, hit the ball home. It was a very clever move by Pools and Tishi should get the praise for his superb skill in making this goal.

"Today it was Pools with their tails up, so a big slap on the back to Mr. Moore for his efforts in getting our players to raise their game."
Woods was spraying balls all across the park making inroads against the Plymouth defence. As is their wont, Pools seemed to take a backward step after the goal and kicking up bank for the first half (I blame Hartley for this), we started hitting long balls and allowing the visitors to dictate the game.

Fenwick, who really has given this team a lift with his hustling and controlled aggressive play, was rattling the Plymouth defenders and he went very close when the keeper dropped his shot at the near post and it rolled out for a corner. Fenwick won the ball at the corner but this effort went over the bar.

It was about this time that the visitors started to dominate the game. Once again, after looking so strong, we succumbed to the Plymouth pressure and gifted them an easy breakthrough goal. The problem was there for all to see: once a goal up, we stopped playing football and went back to hoofing the ball and they just picked it up and came back at us. Old habits die hard, as they say in Middleton.

Flinders was injured as Reid, the Plymouth striker, who must be eighteen stone, belly-flopped on top of Ned as he went down gathering a ball. This was intent - the action of a player trying to put someone out of the game, and it took Ned a long time to recover. It probably won’t appear on any highlights but it certainly damaged Ned and no action was taken.

Pools did have the ball in the goal but the keeper dragged the ball back out before any of the half-sighted officials had seen it. Do not let anyone tell you different. I am sure there will be a picture or a video showing this heinous crime somewhere. I checked the Pools site and as the press box was further away from the incident than me, their take on it was that Fenwick went close. The whole of the Town End saw it but not the officials. At the other end Harrison made a great block to ease the pressure and we went in at half time a goal apiece.

At half time I popped round to see our “Train Time Traveler” who was up for the game, on the way back I bumped into Yanik Gers and I asked him if he wanted to buy a football club without a board, but he declined gracefully.

Pools soon got back into their stride after the break, which is good to see as Cooper used the same brand of half time tea as Tubby did and we invariably went a goal down as soon as we came out.

Today it was Pools with their tails up, so a big slap on the back to Mr. Moore for his efforts in getting our players to raise their game. As I said earlier, Woods is becoming the real playmaker in this team and is often overlooked as the star of the show, which he has been on many occasions, yet the goal scorers get the glory. It was no different today as Woods linked with Fenwick as they prised open the Plymouth defence and all Franks had to do was sit in and lash the ball home, making it two-one to Pools.

Duckworth is a great player going forward and has the ability to beat his man, yet he looks a little unsettled at times, inching to get forward. This time he took the chance, made a great run, evading tackles, and set up Fenwick to score the third goal.

Ned was having difficulty now mobility-wise and Harrison was taking his kicks for him, and because of his injury he made little attempt to stop the visitors scoring a second goal.

Plymouth were putting themselves about now and one player, who was subbed shortly after he had chopped down Tishi for the umpteenth time in the game, should have had his marching orders when two Pools players were taken out. The second one I think was Woods, who was taken out after the whistle had gone for the first foul. At least the man with no glasses could not avoid this incident, as it happened right next to him. I'm not sure if he meant it or not, but he booked two yellow shirts, possibly thinking one of them was the new yellow blue.

The added five minutes did little to calm the nerves as it looked as if the ref was hoping for a draw when he gave them at least three close-quarter free kicks in the dying minutes, but we held out for three points against one of the better teams we have seen at the Vic.

A shame the other results did not go our way but we are making progress. We still have eighteen games to go and we only have to win two out of three to be safe. Ever the optimist, after today’s result I really think we can achieve our goal and stay in the league. Whoever is in charge at the end of the day I only hope this is a shock to the system and we need to spend on players like the ones we have loaned.

It proves my point when you compare the quality of Cooper's intake to the quality of the Moore intake. These are the players that we need to find the money for, but knowing our luck these lads could save our bacon and be snapped up by someone with more ambition that the Pools board, whoever they are at this moment in time.

Some great performances today: Woods, for his industry, Franks for his goals, Bingham and Tishi for their class and skill against some strong opposition. Harrison and Jones, who improves in every game, were immense in defence, but overall a great team display.