New Beginnings

The WAGGA MOON view of things at the Vic

Well, another run of the mill month at The Vic. Apart from new owners, new manager and new beginnings.

We finally saw the end of IOR and owner/chairman Ken Hodcroft in his usual secret society style. Only the day before the deal did most people find out what was going on. And if anyone believed him he to took the £14m debt with him. If you want people to fall for that try having an AGM now and again and let the fans see what you are up to behind closed doors.

Anyway that is enough time on that waste of space; suffice to say he will go down in Pools history as one of the worst Pools Chairmen of all time alongside the infamous Garry Gibson. Although the latter's despicable act of bouncing a cheque to Cyril Knowles's widow would give him the unwanted top spot.

While Ronnie Moore tries to make a silk purse out of. a sow's ear with the rubbish left by Colin Cooper, Russ Green and Hodcroft, we wait anxiously for the January transfer window and some reinforcements to get us out of the mire. It is a bigger task than even Ronnie thought he was taking on with at least nine of the players not fit for purpose. Whether he will be able to unload dross like Scott Flinders, Neil Austin, Stuart Parnaby, Darren Holden, Matt Bates, Jon Franks, Jack Compton, Jordan Richards and Neil Featherstone is open to question. Who would want them?

I see that perennial non-achiever Jack Compton was taking to Twitter saying how unhappy he was away from home and family and how miserable he was. Not as miserable as the fans who pay to watch him play and fail spectacularly.
"It is a bigger task than even Ronnie thought he was taking on with at least nine of the players not fit for purpose."

If he is so down maybe he should join The Bunker as there are some right miserable gets on there, Chopsy Firestarter and The Fat Bar Steward would soon make him feel there are more miserable places he could be. If he still doesn't like it I will willingly drive him to Cardiff and not charge him for the petrol. As long as he promises not to come back.

The disgraceful home defeat to Blyth Spartans, even Marlon's goal was not allowed, brought an end to Paul Murray's spell in the hot seat. It was a strange appointment with Willie Donachie as his assistant and most people thought they were old buddies when in fact they hardly knew each other.
Another of "Pol Pot's" dream team ideas that he did not give a chance to work.
I would have liked to see Murray work alongside of Ronnie Moore and given a chance in the transfer market.

It is a bit disturbing that under our "new era" we still have Russ Green, Sam Collins and Stephen Pears working at Victoria Park after being involved in relegation and the shocking performances of the past three years.

I am at a loss to what Pears is actually doing at the club. Certainly not helping or improving Scott Flinders who has gone from being one of the best goalkeepers in League One to being an absolute liability. Any low cross shot from any distance is likely to be a goal. Flinders appears to go down in instalments. And I am sure the Fourth Division strikers have told their mates at other clubs because they are all ready to have a pop when they come to The Vic.

And it is surely far better to let Moore bring in his own men for the task ahead. Whether he can do it will depend on the type of players he brings in. If he has a free hand bringing in new recruits I would back him to do it but if there is someone in the background playing at being a manager then we are sunk.