Any Other Business


Well, wasn't December a hectic month!

We began it with Sam Collins having a second attempt to steady the sinking ship. Then, we had, all on the same day, the centenary of the German naval bombardment, IOR and Ken Hodcroft jumping ship, TMH taking over, and Ronnie Moore becoming manager. All that and Christmas too. Sadly all the changes didn't give much improvement on the pitch and the league table only got worse.

So here we stand at the start of the season's second half, requiring a promotion team to suddenly be produced in a few days - one which will hit the ground running and which is capable of winning most of the remaining 23 matches. A tall order indeed, and one that Abramovitch and Mourinho might struggle with, even if the Vic was a place that self-respecting players would want to transfer to at the moment.

It will be exciting if the greatest of all Great Escapes happens, but we'll just have to wait and see.

Some Dutch fans turned up at the Oxford game and asked Running Monkey which player was Sidney, as there were two black players in the side. He pointed Sidney out, and every time he got the ball they then set up a chant.

He was taken off later but at half time they asked where the bar was, After getting directions they never came back. They must have really just come for the Hansa.

Sadly, Sidney's short-term contract with Pools hasn't been renewed, so his comeback chance, after being back home in Holland and out of football for six months, didn't work out. That's football, especially when times are desperate, but thanks for trying, Sidney.

H'Angus doesn't know his own strength, and had a little problem when a hole appeared in a panel which had inexplicably jumped out at him. Luckily nobody noticed, and he was able to speedily effect a repair unseen, and return to being his usual picture of innocence. 

Anyone who goes to see the newly-released film The Theory of Everything, and who knew him, may be reminded of a former editor of this august publication.

Finally it only remains to wish all Poolies a happy and prosperous 2015 - and that April and May will be especially happy months!