Things ...Can Only Get Better?

The WAGGA MOON view of things

It looks like things have got to get even worse before they get better. Paul Murray has got a gigantic job on his hands and he is going to need all the help he can to get us out of this mess. 

We are now discovering just how bad a manager Colin Cooper was. No wonder he was in his mid-40s before he was given a chance in management, and it was only a football expert like Ken Hodcroft who thought he would make it. 

We have Stuart Parnaby, who has played 40-odd League games in seven seasons, surprisingly enough out for the rest of the season. His Borer loanees have gone back to their parent club and won't be missed. But it is four of the players who were kept on in the summer that are the biggest concern. Albeit at least two of them were kept on by the Deadly Duo of Hodcroft and Green. Collins and Austin, way past their sell-by dates yet still embarrassing themselves every time they turn out for Pools. "We are now discovering just how bad a manager Colin Cooper was"

If there was a world "running backwards and not getting a tackle in and then waving your arms about when your opponent has scored" championships then Collins would win it hands down. Time for the Donkey Sanctuary, my old chap. 

Austin, who fancies himself as a penalty taker, yet couldn't score in a brothel with £50 notes sticking out of every pocket, needs to concentrate on marking his right winger instead of going AWOL or better still go back to darLOW. 

Jon Franks has had more chances than most and still gets a game when a blind man on a galloping horse could see he will never make the grade. 

But perhaps the most serious non-performer is Flapper Flinders who is getting worse game by game. He is almost guaranteed to throw at least one goal a game in. Making him captain has certainly not improved his game and that is where Stephen Pears comes in. Brought in as assistant manager to Cooper he made no impression whatsover. Now under Murray he is demoted to goalkeeping coach yet is doing nothing to get Flinders to play any better. Let's see how Jon Maxted our new goalkeeper performs as we need someone reliable in goal and at present Flinders is far from that. 

It seems management and owners are all agreed that new players were essential. And Murray to be fair has been allowed to bring eight in.

He quickly found the squad was young and old with not enough in the mid range, 24 to 28, and said this must be rectified. Bringing in Schmeltz, Featherstone, Lanzoni and Fenwick moved towards addressing this anomaly, but while we needed a new striker and centre back he bought in two untried teenagers, Adam Campbell and Joe Ironside up front and a 21-year old midfielder Matty Dolan. 
Surely it should have been a 25-year-old striker like Ched Evans or a less controversial player and a centre half of similar age. 

If Matty Bates can come good at centre back then all well and good but against Wycombe he showed how nervous he was to have a keeper like Flinders behind him. Indeed the whole defence seems to have no confidence in him. 

We have a plum FA Cup tie to come on Friday night against Blyth Spartans with a nice little TV cash boost to go with it. We must make no mistake and give them the hiding that is coming to them and then hope for a tasty third round tie to come. Newcastle away would suit me and also keep one of their biggest fans, Ken Hodcroft, happy. Who knows, he might even splash some of the cash on a few new signings. Not young untried kids but players with League One or Championship experience who are ready to join the Poolie Revolution.