Darlo Here We Come!!!


The prospect of reviving derby games against Darlo (or should I say Darlington 1883) seems to come closer as week follows week.

Two home defeats on the trot by the score of 3-1 puts Pools in an even more dangerous position at the bottom of League Two. Already, a gap is starting to open up between Pools and the safety positions and I can’t see it getting any better. It seems as though whenever we go 1-0 down we all sit back and wait for the second goal. Heads seem to go down and there’s no heart. 

Paul Murray has attempted to improve things by bringing in new blood but any replacements seem to be no better than the players they replace. As one Mill House Terrace punter shouted to a steward at the Wycombe game, “You’re getting paid to watch this crap!” Even then, we had a lifeline against Wycombe with the award of a penalty - which we fluffed and I think there was an expectation that it would be missed. 

Wycombe, of course, nearly went out of the Football League themselves but look where they are now. And the same with Northampton. They looked odds on for relegation out of the Football League last season but have now got themselves into a decent position. Pools, on the other hand, have gone from bad to worse .The one encouraging aspect of Pools’ play under Paul Murray is the wide role which he’s given to Marlon Harewood - probably the one player who caused Wycombe any problems. "It seems as though whenever we go 1-0 down we all sit back and wait for the second goal."

Pools are fortunate in that they’ve banked money from season ticket sales. Pay at the gate and I would imagine the attendances would struggle to reach the thousand mark. If I’m correct, I think the Wycombe game was a first for Pools in that we had a female referee’s assistant. Running the line alongside the Mill House Terrace, the young lady performed very competently and came through the ordeal very well. I would think that having run the line there, she’d have no problem anywhere else.

Hope you’ve all got over Black Friday - that’s to say if you took your life in your hands and visited the supermarkets. Although not directly relevant to footy there are side issues which need addressing. As you’ll all be aware, footy clubs have to pay police costs for security within grounds and a number of clubs, including Pools, have complained about the amount they’ve been charged. Yet, if you’re a supermarket and your actions cause a near riot you get the police for nothing. After all, it’s the stupidity of the supermarkets who cause the problems in the first place. Why should they get away with it when clubs have to pay through the nose.? If I were the Football League, I’d demand a meeting with the Home Office as soon as possible.

Lastly, numerous press reports reveal that Mags’ owner, Mike Ashley, is taking a big interest in Glasgow Rangers. Crash, bang, wallop - that’s half a million more votes for the Scottish National Party.