As I Seen It - York City (h)

RUNNING MONKEY sees a collapse

Pools 1 York City 3
League Two, 
Victoria Park, 

21st October, 2014

A six pointer today, a decent crowd of around five thousand with the away end full it was a big game as both teams were struggling, and with the visitors just above Pools it was the ideal opportunity for us to, if not move up, at least get some much needed points on the board.

The visitors were not very sporting, almost scoring in the first minute. They really looked up for this game and for the first fifteen minutes they were all over us. The Ditchburn Poolie commented on how composed the visitors were and the urgency in their game was commendable as they pressured us from the off. 

The old failings of looseness on the ball losing possession easily, or not making your pass were the prominent features of the Pools side early doors. We did have a good claim for a penalty but was a ref from L***s going to give Pools a break against a Yorkshire side? The Ditchburn commented that not many of the local refs ever gave us a break so why should we hope a Yorkshire man would? 

Walker with a deft swerve made himself some room and headed into their box and his shot on the run was a good effort. Pools seemed to steady the ship and started to make inroads on what has to be the worst back four I have ever seen at the Vic. The two full backs in particular were an absolute disgrace; wrapping their arms around passing players and hauling them to the ground was their equivalent of making a challenge for the ball. I know I should not condemn officials but I was so annoyed with the opposition tactics that were let go by them that I have decided to add a rating for officials to my report, and this shower score three out of ten, and I am being generous. 

Pools did get their act together and started playing some good football, putting pressure on the opposition. Fenwick pounced onto a ball but his effort was just wide but he looked handy. The Ditchburn just commented that he was just putting himself in the shop window. But give the lad his due he was trying. Marlon on the other hand was just being Marlon - he won one header that I remember but his effort just trickled to the goalkeeper. "By the half hour mark we looked to be the only team in it"

By the half hour mark we looked to be the only team in it. I was going to say shots were raining in on the opposition but the Ditchburn said that was a bit over the top. Marlon did have a hand in the opening goal laying a ball on for Fenwick to slide the ball past the keeper. Nothing more than we deserved as we looked like a team at times. In the next attack Fenwick again in good position was man-handled off the ball and the officials once again looked the other way. He was causing problems and led the Pools attack and was unlucky meeting a cross into the box but his header was over. But again the defender was playing the man and not the ball. 

Pools ran the game till the half time whistle and most fans were buoyant at the state of play and looking to take them in the second half. "BUT" and there is always a but where Pools are concerned, despite the pressure and the chances against a reasonable side we did not make it count when we had the chance. 

The old failings of not-tight-enough marking at set pieces let us down and York scored a good goal from a corner that should have been cleared. The signs were there, Pools were getting caught out and started to look a little ragged under pressure and that pressure never stopped as York took control of the game. 

Any chances we did make lacked any threat and the confidence of the visitors grew, and kicking towards their fans they soon added another from a set piece, which set off a flurry of substitutes. 

Pools were hoping for some respite but it was not to come as York scored a third goal which wrapped the game up for them and made a few Poolies very angry at the total collapse after the first half. 

Murray must have been fuming at this result after such a good start. One other point was Duckworth went off with an injury so I hope he recovers for the next outing. Ironside and Campbell came on but it was too late for them to alter anything in this game as York just closed the door on Pools.