As I Seen It - Wycombe (h)

Same again from RUNNING MONKEY

Pools 1 Wycombe Wanderers 3
League Two, 
Victoria Park, 

28th October, 2014

I don’t think anyone was expecting much today due to our current poor form, and the fact we are chopping and changing the team by the hour.

I was late again today coming in just after the start as a neighbor asked for a lift to town as his wife had set the engine on high boil so he was hoping to rescue his motor.

With the new boys making a start it did look like a new look team, Matty Dolan back and Lanzoni, along with the diminutive Campbell in the starting line up. As I was late in I was surprised to see the Ditchburn Poolie ‘excited'; well as excited as he could be when Pools had lost the last six league games and here we were taking on the top of the division.

The Ditchburn was not excited by the team or the football but the fact we had a female lino on the Millhouse side. The young lady was reported to have made a pass at the Ditchburn and his hopes were high, He was planning going ten minutes early to catch up with the flag waver down near the gate but in his words "she may have to leave early to do the washing up in the refs room."

This game was really a non-event for most of the first half, with Pools having no real threat and Wycombe taking the game to Pools who were making hard work of breaking down the opposition defence.

Wycombe had the advantage of kicking down hill first half and were making inroads on Pools and looked threatening every time they got the ball. It was pressure all the way for Pools as we again just hoofed the ball clear or invariably just gave the ball away too easily.

Ned made a great save low down as a ball was blasted in but shortly after they went one up as they were given a free header at the back post and fingers were pointed between the defenders as to who left his man.

We were given a chance to make amends as Marlon, chasing a ball into the box, seemed to slip on his arris right on the dead ball line and the ref, who was stood twenty yards away, pointed to the spot. I thought we were very lucky but people closer than me said it was a stupid tackle; he was going nowhere and the defender took his legs from under him.

As usual there was a little argy-bargy as to who was going to take the kick. Fenwick - or Kenwick as the official site called him - took up the ball and Marlon, who seems to have a penchant for giving orders, took it from him. I was about to abuse him when he gave the ball to Aussie, After a couple of minutes of jostling and gamesmanship from the visitors Aussie stepped up and put the ball in the Mail office car park, So I went back to abusing Marlon for his decision. Kenwick should have taken it as his tally from the spot was good.

Half time, and the talk of getting even was limited, given the way we were playing. The forthcoming cup game was more pressing and one punter claimed he will not be at the Vic on Friday but will be hiding behind his sofa, as on this form the country will not be rooting for the underdog but expecting Blyth to progress to the next round if we give them chances like we did Wycombe today."Half time, and the talk of getting even was limited, given the way we were playing."

It is sad when you read on the official Pools site that “Wycombe were not put under any pressure and our players lacked any belief.”

Franks had come on for Walker, who we thought was improving his form and was unlucky to go off. But sadly Franks always needs to take that extra touch and he got caught out leaving about five attacking players surging down on Ned’s goal. The result was another blocked ball dropped for a Wycombe player who hit it straight past Ned making it two nil.

Like last week there was worse to come as the opposition with their tails up were showboating, taking the ball to the corner flags and teasing Pools. Showboating might be a bit harsh but they did play some good football once they were on top.

A free header again was allowed by our defence and it was game over as some fans that were streaming out after the second goal stood and jeered our players. OK you pay your money and are entitled to voice your opinion but I watched as a couple of lads stand two yards from Richards and lace into him with a tirade of abuse. In my book that is not being what I call a fan, He was far from being the worst player today.

At the death Marlon’s goal was little comfort after seven defeats in a row, I feel sorry for Murray being in this position, some of his signings look to be better quality but because of the loan system we get players settled in and they move on - for example Harrison, Wyke and Brobbel, all good players we have now lost the use of.

The sad fact is that after last season the owners, whoever they are, should have moved Cooper on, as it was obvious to all that he was not up to the job.

Christmas shopping could be blamed for the attendance, 3053 but I would suggest the big gate we have next Friday could be a swansong for Pools.