Any Other Business


Bill the Biro tells us that on the day that many of you watched Pools capitulate to Wycombe, he went to his local concert hall to see a comedian, the well-known "German Comedy Ambassador," Henning Wehn, he of the strong German accent and widely-spaced eyes.

That same day he had noticed that Henning was the celebrity predicting the results of that weekend's Premier League matches, in competition with Mark Lawrenson on the BBC website (they drew - 8 points each.) He already knew that Henning had a connection with the aforementioned Chairboys, so was prepared to do a bit of heckling should it be required. During the show Henning asked if there were any Spurs fans in the hall, but mysteriously ignored the possibility of Poolies (or in fact Chairboys) being there.

Henning's Wycombe connection came about because he found himself in need of a marketing job 12 years ago, and decided to write to all 92 English league clubs (of which we won't be one for much longer!) and Wycombe were the club that gave him a chance, and he stayed with them for a couple of years. As a result Wycombe's result is always the first one he looks for on Saturdays.

Presumably Pools weren't too keen on taking on a German after that business of non-payment of compensation for their grandstand.

A Christmas Pantomime

Once upon a time a young man found an old lamp. He thought he'd clean it up and started rubbing it, and a genie appeared and told him he could have three wishes. So after he'd received a millionaire's fortune and lots of oil wells, the genie then asked him what his third wish was.

He thought for a while and said "I'd like to own Hartlepool United." John Hodcroft's final wish was granted, but sadly he'd now used up all his three wishes, so there wasn't a happy ending.

As you will all know, December 16th is the centenary of the German Naval Bombardment of the Hartlepools, when more than a hundred people were killed, mostly on the Headland. 

It's hard to grasp both how long ago that was yet also how recent it was. Many of us will have known people who experienced the terrifying event. Perhaps thinking of them and what they went through will put into context next May's highly probable exit after 90-odd years in the Football League. Shots raining in from German boots can't be compared to those coming from German 11-inch guns.

And finally it only remains to wish all our readers a Merry Christmas and an especially Happy New Year, one that hopefully doesn't include games against Forest Green or Southport.