Good Times Ahead

A bit of optimism from WAGGA MOON

Rock bottom going into the Newport game and the only way is up. Now that Colin Cooper has done the sensible thing and jumped before he was pushed we can surely look forward to better times ahead. 

Cooper may or may not be a reasonable coach but he will never make a football manager. He will go down as one of the worst-ever Pools managers along with Bob Gurney, Bill Robinson, Geoff Twentyman, Viv Busby, Mick Docherty, Ken Hale, Bobby Moncur and Keith Houchen. His preoccupation with anything Borer certainly helped lead to his downfall and his signings and tactics left a lot to be desired. 

All the fans and even Cooper himself knew a striker was our No 1 priority yet he would sign any right back or midfielder he could find. On losing his reserve goalkeeper Andy Rafferty at the start of the season he never replaced him. Likewise our best defender and striker who also were not replaced. Whether this was down to him or someone higher up we don't know but if he hasn't the balls to speak up and tell the fans then we will blame him. His last act as a manager was to sign a Boro, yes you guessed it, midfielder David Atkinson on loan for a month and the guy played zero minutes before returning from where he came. What a stupid waste of a loan and that in itself should have been a sacking offence. Having said that he signed two goalkeepers on loan and I believe neither of them was given a try. This when Scott Flinders is getting worse game by game. 

We then had Sam Collins in a caretaker role when most fans would have given the role to Tommy Miller. Collins proceeded to lose four games and beat what was virtually an Exeter reserve team away from home. His biggest mistake was to banish Marlon Harewood to the bench and then out of the picture completely. Now Marlon has not been exactly prolific but has had virtually no service and being our only striker and with our dismal goal-scoring record this was the mistake that cost Collins the opportunity of the manager's job on a permanent basis. "Cooper may or may not be a reasonable coach but he will never make a football manager"

So it is back to the playing side for Collins although not for long going by his abject display at Cambridge. With the turning circle of an ocean-going cruise liner and the speed of my old gran he is certainly not the answer to our defensive problems. Harewood, on the other hand, came on for the second half and transformed the team and had the Cambridge defenders at panic stations. With the staff we have available Harewood would always be the first name on my starting XI. 

There is no doubt Ken Hodcroft has taken a massive gamble on appointing another rookie manager in our present position and if it does not work out he will get slaughtered. But I will say here and now I am 100 per cent backing his decision. If there was one untried manager to appoint it would be Paul Murray, who should never have been allowed to leave the club in the first place. And bringing in Willie Donachie to work with him is some great thinking. I think this pair can turn things around for us big time and the only way is up. Although they will need some cash to improve the squad and I think Murray will look further afield than his predecessor and this can only be a good thing. 

The consultancy panel formed to help Ken with the managerial appointment failed to materialise. The representative from a little-known message board that the club was alleged to have joined failed to make the first meeting. Evidently when he went to get his bike from the shed some scoundrel had let his tyres down and had it away with the bike pump. 

And Pools even got a superb draw in the FA Cup first round which doesn't usually happen. The only easier draw than East Thurrock at home would have been the Ragged Arse Rovers away. There will be no excuse for us not despatching the TOWIE wannabes in no uncertain manner even though they will have more front than Amy Childs. Let's hope this is the start of a lucrative run in the Cup competition and maybe a nice televised tie on the Beeb to come.