No Strikes and We Will Be Down

GREAT GRANDAD SHOUTY on the lack of goals

The game against Portsmouth gave out some encouraging signs. Although, we failed to score we kept a clean sheet and, after recent games, this was a plus. The defence certainly held firm and Bates and Harrison more than dealt with the Pompey attack without too many problems.

The problem is, of course, the lack of goals and although Colin Cooper assures us he’s trying his hardest to solve the problem, you’re not going to get proven strikers. They’ll simply go elsewhere for more money. Are we being too restrictive in tapping the loan market? The evidence would seem to suggest that we are - Middlesbrough and Sunderland cannot solve our problems every time. Certainly, when Danny Wilson and Chris Turner were in charge, we seemed to be able to go outside the North East for players. Why aren’t we doing the same this time? In September’s issue of MB I took a despondent line - nothing has happened to change my mind."In September’s issue of MB I took a despondent line - nothing has happened to change my mind"

I have a very radical solution which will be very unpopular in many quarters. The Sheffield United and Wales striker, Ched Evans, leaves prison this month and there has been much opposition to him returning to Sheffield United. An online petition against him returning has attracted over 65,000 signatures. His conviction for rape resulted in a prison sentence - he’s served his punishment and now seeks a way back into the game. A low key return would be more preferable and, in this, Pools might help by taking him on loan. There have, of course, been a number of cases where players have been released from prison - Lee Hughes and Luke McCormick being examples. Evans’s family are mounting a further appeal against his conviction and have, quite rightly said that if he’d been in any other occupation there’d be no problem. His standing as a professional footballer makes things difficult - hence a more low key return would be beneficial. In previous editions of Monkey Business I’ve stated that Hughes and McCormick have served their punishments and its time to move on. Maybe that should be the case with Ched Evans. As I’ve said, very radical!

Talking of the Portsmouth game, it was a tribute to the 501 Pompey fans who made the journey up to Pools. Working it out, they put over £12,000 into Pools' coffers - very much appreciated. They certainly made plenty of noise and its just the same further down the coast where, I recall, Southampton brought a similar number with them on a Tuesday night. It must be one of the few occasions when Poolies have applauded the visitors’ supporters.

Elsewhere, I was somewhat amused at the idea that Chelsea might ’borrow’ Twickenham for their home matches when Stamford Bridge is extended. The situation is that the RFU would need to get a special licence to stage a footy match and you can bet your life there will be fun and games - as well as a good pay day for lawyers. Some years ago, when a Spurs v Arsenal FA Cup semi final had to be played at Old Trafford, it was suggested that the game be played at Twickenham. “They have a very determined and vociferous residents’ association in Twickenham” was the response. I shall follow developments with interest.