Drawing a Blank

WAGGA MOON wants a goal

All we are saying is give us a goal. Another blank last Saturday and the present set of forwards look incapable of doing the business in front of goal. 

That was a really smart decision to sell our top scorer without signing a replacement for him. Indeed Jon Franks looks as likely to score a goal anytime soon as I do, and I stand on the Mill House Terrace. I am sure Colin Cooper has some master plan to get us out of this mess but it does not look like it to most long-suffering supporters.

It has been said the club has joined a messageboard for divine intervention. That is a very strange decision as the said messageboard has more numbskulls congregated in one place at one time than anywhere else in the country. The thought of asking Colonel Chip for advice on football is as ludicrous as going to Gary Glitter for advice on how to run the Rotherham children's homes.
Not so much a Chip off the old block as a Chip off the butcher's block.

A couple of bright sparks even dreamed up a protest idea at the ground involving tennis balls. As if they don't spout enough balls with each post they dream up! They should have been sent behind the stand and made to stay there!"What sort of club would sell their star player on transfer deadline day without having a replacement signed up? ...we did, TWICE in one year"

That is why it is so great to be a Poolie. Even in desperate times on the pitch with the club sinking to a new low there are always a few halfwits to give you a laugh however unwittingly. If they were a bunch of teenagers they could be forgiven for such nonsense but they are mostly twisted old gadgees who should know better. Half of them don't even go to matches yet come out with chapter and verse of what is wrong with the club.

Getting back to normality it seems we are staying with the current managerial duo for the current time although with the current crop of results they must be on borrowed time. It would be interesting to see who Ken would turn to as a caretaker if he swung his axe. Sam Collins or Tommy Miller. My money would be on the latter who I believe has done a spell at Swindon and has an allegiance to the Pools.

There are a number of experienced managers out there looking for work. Micky Adams, Mark Robins, Dave Jones, Brian McDermott, Ronnie Moore, Tony Mowbray and Paul Sturrock are all men who have the experience we are going to need to get out of the mess we are in. It is all well and good giving youth team coaches a break but when your Football League position is in danger you need someone who has been there and done it.

Of course there would be a few who would not work with our owner. And as football men why would they? What sort of club would sell their star player on transfer deadline day without having a replacement signed up? A Northern League club would not think of doing this. Yet we did, TWICE in one year.

If Ken Hodcroft were to write a book on How Not To Run a Football Club it would be a best seller. And this from someone whose favourite sayings are "Do Not Embarrass the Club" and "Do Not Get Relegated" which he does not appear to rely on anymore.

This is the man who for the last four years has been slagging off clubs for overuse of the loan market, Yeovil in particular, who made the Championship with this method, yet has sanctioned six loan signings before the end of September. Any hopes we ever had of reaching the Championship have gone as long as this lot continue to hang on but not invest.

It is a pity our manager hasn't grasped the fact we are desperate for a goal scorer as he has only signed one striker out of his loan men.

The latest is another defender (yes, we really need one of them, Colin) from his favourite football club, Middlesbrough. Any chance of setting your sights a little higher or farther afield, Colin. If you hadn't noticed we are perilously close to the Conference and defeats to Carlisle and Exeter would see us bottom of the table.