POOLS 0 - CARLISLE 3   League 2 Saturday 4th October 2014

Match report by RUNNING MONKEY at The Vic


Very little on the rumour front this week other than the club was trying to shift a Smoggie defender and a non-striking striker off the books allegedly, and Cameron’s Brewery showing interest in the club. Have we not been there? 

The Ditchburn Poolie had his lucky charm with him today, but he was a bit hesitant over today’s official. He just said he was bad, but he said that last week and he got that one wrong too. 

With four games without a goal he constantly reminded me through out the game, 4 games and seven minutes without a goal. 

Compton out for three months is a bad sign, as he and Duckworth have been the most productive players in the side. Bates made his usual gaff chasing a ball back into our box and touching it past the approaching Flinders, and of course he could not pick it up and was in no position to boot it clear. Bates then had words, shifting the blame onto Flinders as the ball went for a corner, which Aussie cleared up field. 

It was all action for Flinders as Carlisle piled on the early pressure, the keeper making a great punch clear under pressure and going down at the feet of an attacker right on his line with the forward kicking out at the ball Ned was smothering. Brave goalkeeping from the Pools stopper. Ditchburn reminds me 4,10 no goals. The visitors were really pegging us back and we once again resort to hoofing it clear and the ball coming straight back. 4,17 - no goals. 

Wyke managed to get onto a header that was close but then the Ditchburn said "4,21 - have you had your eyes tested?" just because I asked him if it was Wyke or Marlon that had had the header. Ok, it should have been obvious but because I left my specs at home I only saw a melee of players and it could have been either as they stood together. 

The game was getting niggly, especially at dead ball situations, with some of the Carlisle players throwing their weight around in the line up and some underhand tactics being shown by them. Harrison made a good clearing header. 4,31 - no goals. "You have to give credit to Cooper for resigning and not clinging on when he knew the game was up."

Marlon managed a shot over the bar but it was all Carlisle, who were playing the better football. A foul in our box laid out Aussie and the actions of the ref demonstrated that the attacking player that hit him was looking the other way. So now you can take out a player and use the excuse you were not looking at him and get off scot-free. Looking or not, it was a take out and he got away with it. 

"4,48 and no goals" was the half time comment from the Ditchburn, who went off to the ladies toilets to cheer himself up. Don’t ask, I do not want to know. Some hard comments from the fans at half time and you have to agree. The manager has lost his way and in truth did that when Hignett left, and Cooper has never recovered. His hands are tied you might say but the previous Cooper and John Hughes all operated under the same restrictions and did a better job. 

In my humble opinion, and I do not like to see anyone lose their job, but it looks as if Colin Cooper's first managerial journey was a step too far. What would he have known of lower league football? It was obvious he was looking around at his old friends who, to put it bluntly, let him down in his hour of need. 

Fans are fickle but when you hear a dyed-in-the-wool Poolie say "I shouldn't have come to this game, I had some paint to watch drying" you know it is bad. Ever the optimists, we knew, like last week, we could turn this around.

Kicking down bank the second half, a good rollicking from the boss at half time and we would stuff this team bottom of the league, everyone else has. Franks was off the bench warming up and came on for Holden who was not at his best today. I consider this another black mark against the manager, who time and time again has played some players out of position. Maybe to accommodate others but when you have a winger sitting on the bench and you play a full back on the wing then fans will question your judgement. 

Carlisle came out of the blocks meaning business as a screamer shot wide and Ned made a great block from a close range shot. Desperate play by Pools was making things easy for the visitors who were now full of confidence. Marlon, who was fired up at times, won a ball and set up an incoming Franks whose drive was blocked. 4,53 and we see a goal but not for Pools as poor defending at the corner and a scrappy goal sealed our fate. 

One Carlisle idiot was ejected for coming onto the pitch to celebrate their goal. I suppose the Ditchburn would feel the same way had we scored one. 4:64 no goals. The official site will say for all the decent approach play Pools had little to show for it. Aimless football to the edge of the opposition box time after time is just not good enough no matter how you serve it up. Brobbel, who was one of the more capable players today was making searching runs but no one was in there to attack his crosses. The comment behind me asking if this team actually trained together was spot on. 

Duckworth and Aussie were amongst our better performers today as was Flinders, who kept the tally down to three. Wyke and Harrison did well and the comment from the Ditchburn was how could teams allow the loan players to stay at this club when they must be suffering just the same trauma as the fans. 

A sad day in the history of this club when the bottom team come and play like they did and we had little to offer in return. 

You have to give credit to Cooper for resigning and not clinging on when he knew the game was up.