Hopeless and Helpless

WAGGA MOON sees no rosy picture

Disappointing start to the campaign compounded by the deadline day sale of Luke James leaves Pools in touch with the bottom four and a complete shambles on and off the pitch.
Selling one promising youngster on deadline day in January is one thing but doing the very same thing in September is another. And in neither case is a replacement signed. And this from a chairman/owner who claims he likes to to things the proper (professional) way it shows he is not fit for purpose. 

I think rookie manager Colin Cooper has shown he is not up to the job whith his odd team selections and poor substitutions. With a record of 6 wins in 26 games his record is far worse than his predecessors and in a lower league. John Hughes is making Hodcroft's decision not to renew his contract a very poor one. He has taken his new team Inverness Caledonian to the top of the Scottish Premiership. Just imagine what he could have achieved here if had been given some backing and funds for players. Or even if the Chief Executive would have spoken to him. And this is the guy who said the Scot was always our first choice for the job. Yeah, pull the other one."John Hughes is making Hodcroft's decision not to renew his contract a very poor one. He has taken his new team Inverness Caledonian to the top of the Scottish Premiership."

While Cooper relies on his old Boro acquaintances and young loan signings it seems the players he has brought in are worse than those we released. I am especially glad I waited to see who he brought in before I purchased a season ticket. Needless to say observing the dross heading our way I kept my money in my pocket. 

Stiil I am sure Hodcroft's idea of charging up to £25 on the day will be a great success. Give us a bad name with away supporters though and one day we might get all four sides of the crowd shouting "Hodcroft Out." 

I don't know who Cooper thinks is going to score goals now James has gone but if Charlie Wyke is meant to be his replacement I think we will wait a long time before the goals flow. He will work hard but will never be a natural goal scorer. 

Although Cooper deserves the sack, and will get it before Christmas, the man who should go will still be there taking his time in picking a new manager while pondering the picture of Alan Shearer in the club lounge. What the hell is that all about? 

Before Cooper goes I would like him to explain what were the thoughts behind signing Stewart Parnaby in the summer, apart from him being a former Borer player. Parnaby is a good journeyman defender having played right back and centre back most of his career. So what position was he going to employ at Pools? Right midfield, centre midfield and right wing he has had a go at. When he joined he was the fourth right back on the club's books alongside Michael Duckworth, Neil Austin and Jordan Richards. 

The striker position which has been our main concern for a couple of years was not sorted out and indeed going into the first game it looked like we might not have enough players to fill all the subs positions.
Of course then Andy Rafferty left in mysterious circumstances. Hodcroft saying he was looking for non-football employment with Rafferty refuting this and saying he was actively looking for a new club. Who is kidding who? We have a kid from Sunderland on loan and a kid from the youth team at present. An injury to Flapper Flinders, which some might say would be a good thing, would leave us up another creek without a paddle. 

I have seen some poor teams in the many years I have been watching Pools but this lot are up there with the worst of them. And to make things worse, a few of them appear to be gutless AND useless.
I think Bobby Moncur's reign was probably worse till Sir Cyril Knowles came in and turned a bunch of non-achievers into a promotion outfit. That is the sort of character we need here now, someone who has been around the block a few times and knows the lower league,s but would such a person come and work under Hodcroft? I very much doubt it.