POOLS 0 - TRANMERE 2   League 2 Saturday 13th September 2014

Match report by RUNNING MONKEY at The Vic


After last week, I guess we were all expecting to see our team resume the excellent play we witnessed again this week.

The Ditchburn Poolie made a low-key return to the Vic, this time with his carer.

After winning the toss again we kicked up the bank for the first half. It was a continuation of last week’s play, Wyke chased after a long ball that their keeper should have made his own but Wyke harried the keeper as he came out and he panicked under the pressure and made a mess of the clearance. It was good to see a Pools striker put the frighteners on a keeper this way. He had a good game throughout and won a lot of headers but the follow up was just not there today.

Brobbel again was excellent with some great play down the wing. Sadly this threat seemed to be snuffed out after thirty minutes and the service to Brobbel reverted to the long punt that we have found to our cost many times does not work and invariably the ball was carried back to us and once again we finish up on the back foot for most of the game."If we thought the last fifteen minutes was bad for Pools, the second half was a lot worse"

Their big striker Stockton was a physical handful but his shooting was abysmal and I think he only had one decent header that he managed to put over the stand. One chance he did have was gifted to him by Richards, whose back pass under pressure was too short, and as Ned rushed out the striker hit the ball, which bounced off Ned. Fortunately for Pools Harrison is no slouch and can stand his ground with these big fellers and he certainly did that today thankfully. The last quarter of the first half was poor from Pools as we just did not have the fluidity of last week and were defending hard right up to the whistle.

If we thought the last fifteen minutes was bad for Pools, the second half was a lot worse as we looked to be under pressure continually, barely making it into the opposition half. The only real chance of the half for Pools came after a Compton run and cross that Franks tried a cheeky back heel inside the box that nearly out foxed the visitors, but sadly this was a poor day at the office for the Pools team and not a lot to write home about.