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Amazingly it's now ten years since Paul Mullen died. Paul was a co-founder of Monkey Business, who went on to be the club's first press officer/media manager and started their website.

Paul was extremely well thought of by everyone, as witnessed by the packed church for his funeral and the many tribute articles which flooded in for the special "Paul's World"/"Mullen Business" section we published in Monkey Business following his death.

The club have now taken this occasion to commemorate Paul by naming their pressbox in his honour, and done a nice piece about him on their website,

Once again there has been a stream of comments and memories appearing in various places on the internet, and we thought it might be appropriate to reissue that tribute section to remind everyone of a true Poolie who was popular with, and trusted by all. You can read it here:

As we said at the time, thanks to all the contributors who didn’t need much asking to provide such touching pieces.

I noticed that the sign outside Cheltenham's Whaddon Road ground proudly sports the name of Mira Showers as their main sponsors.

I know that some clubs may be a bit of a shower but would they want to tempt providence by having the word on their shirts?

And that sign is reminiscent of another one a few miles away at Walsall, which carries advertising for profit rather than just being the club's welcome sign. Walsall's is similar in shape but is ginormous, so as to be visible from the elevated section of the adjacent M6, and covers a large area of the car park. However, Cheltenham's is in proportion with its genteel surroundings (the building behind is a Buddhist centre) and the sign has little impact on the car park.

Being Cheltenham, there were probably even discussions at the planning stage as to whether or not the club colour was too loud for the neighbourhood!