New Beginnings

WAGGA MOON looks ahead

After all the frenzied summer activity behind the scenes (!!!) we are ready to take on the challenge of getting out of Division Four. Let us hope it is out of the top end and not the bottom. At the time of writing we have three Borer rejects added to the staff and a load of young kids to fill the bench.

The squad is so threadbare we are having to play youngsters like Luke James and Brad Walker in every game when at their age they should be nursed along and played sparingly. This would explain their complete lack of form in the friendlies when how they are playing we would be lucky to get ten bob for them never mind a million.
The club is in the worst position for 15 years and I am sure when Harold Hornsey sold the club to IOR he was not expecting we would land up in this position. What a shambles - less than a week to go to the start of the season and no one knows how the squad will look or what formation we are likely to adopt.

And Ken Hodcroft is the man who tells us the club will always act and be run professionally.
How he has managed to find around 3,000 mugs to invest in season tickets is a mystery. Granted the price is cheap but what about the standard of football on offer. I have not bought a season ticket and expect to watch more away games than at home this season. I certainly won't be shelling out £25 to watch a home Fourth Division game and it will just give the club a bad name with away supporters when they are asked to fork out this amount. Dick Turpin springs to mind.

If one of the names bandied around had been signed i.e Michael Brown, Rob Earnshaw, Francois Zoko or Jonathan Greening I would certainly have joined up but the thoughts of watching Jonathan Franks, Jack Compton and Sam Collins does not enthuse me.
"The squad is so threadbare we are having to play youngsters like Luke James and Brad Walker in every game when at their age they should be nursed along and played sparingly."
I think Colin Cooper will be relying heavily on loan signings and to be fair last season they served us well. But this is not an ideal solution to running a football club. I wish Stephen Pears well in his new role at the club but I would have rather seen a former attacker appointed to remedy the lack of goals we suffer from.
I think Pears' first job will be to try and sort Flapper Flinders out. He has gone from one of the best keepers in League One to one of the worst in League Two. And Andy Rafferty must surely be pushing for a first team place. The defence does not look too bad as long as we remember Collins is here this season to warm the bench and we can bring someone like Scott Harrison or Christian Burgess in to a centre back position alongside Matt Bates. Or if not, Stewart Parnaby who has played most of his career at right back or centre back - and why is he being played out of position in midfield?

Obviously we are woefully short in that area, and with Eugen Bopp being deemed to be not up to it, Tommy Miller looks set to be brought in with some loan signings. I was a big fan of Super Tommy 15 years ago and fondly remember him putting us 2-1 up at Cardiff in the 89th minute. And then seeing the home team score twice in added on time while Tubby stood open mouthed and not sure what to do. While all the Poolies in the ground shouted to him to make a substitution and run the clock down he stood there clueless as another three points went down the toilet.

It is difficult to predict where Pools are going to finish this season without knowing the squad we will be playing with. As things stand I would say bottom four, whereas with players like Luke Williams, Duncan Watmore, Andy Halliday, David Prutton, Burgess, Harrison, Zoko, Earnshaw coming to the club I would say top nine.