POOLS 0 - BURY 2   League 2 Saturday 16th August 2014

Match report by RUNNING MONKEY at The Vic


The eagerly anticipated first home game for Pools today was a chance to wipe out the shame and horror of the cup game at PortVale. 

I knew there was going to be trouble when they turned us round at the start - probably the only input that James Poole had on the day - although that young lady boxer Savannah Marshall, who was presented to the crowd before the start, must have had an idea what was coming or skipped off to a prior engagement, as these events usually happen at half time.

It was a lack-lustre start by Pools, too many crosses getting through, allowing free headers for Bury and a lot of ball watching by Pools. Luke did manage to shake off his markers and get one header in that was over the bar. As is their wont, another ex-Pools player Nardiello came back to the Vic and opened the scoring with an easy header close in.

Marlon won a ball on the edge of the half and raced in and played a low shot across the box and there was no one at all in the area. It was backs to the wall as Pools continually hacked the ball away in haste only to see it come straight back. The home fans were up cheering a Harewood goal only to see the linesman rule that the ball had gone out of play down the side before it was crossed to the box.

Walker won the ball in midfield and set up Parnaby, whose shot hit the keeper; Marlon pounced on the rebound and hit it into Morrison’s, possibly Marks and Spencer, from close range.

Bury had dominated the half with a mixture of good approach play and some criminal tackles, especially on Luke who, right on half time, could have been put out of the game. Luckily it was about this time that the official realised he had not left his cards at home, albeit a little late, when you had seen some of the tackles we had endured.

“So where is Compton?” One rumour was the player is in dispute with the club, I can think of only one solution to that problem.

The second half started pretty much as the first, as Bury pressed us continually. Pools did get the ball in the net again after some good work by Luke had set up Marlon, but he lost the ball. Franks had a shot that Marlon helped over the line but, as it had been all day, Marlon was offside.

"Despite the fact that the manager claims he has brought in better than we have let go, that statement alone makes not only me but also a lot more fans question his judgement"Bury must have tired a bit after doing all the running, which made it look like Pools were making progress, so it was sad to see some football that you would be shocked to see at Grayfields, never mind from a seasoned player such as Bates, who took a swing at a ball he should have cleared with his eyes closed and totally missed the ball. OK he might have been under pressure from the Bury player close to him who was alive to the miss and raced round the hapless defender and almost messed up as he rounded Ned then Bates, who had recovered, and slotted the ball home, Two nil to Bury.

Again the official tried his hardest to get noticed when he pulled up Marlon for some unseen offence. Again I asked "where is Compton?"

It is times like this that we can fall back on nostalgia, to the days when the likes of Pools could swap a few points over the season with the likes of Bradford, Port Vale, Rotherham and Bury, so where have we gone wrong? Ok, it is early days I hear you say. But this team looks to be worse than last season’s team that almost ducked under the radar. Despite the fact that the manager claims he has brought in better than we have let go, that statement alone makes not only me but also a lot more fans question his judgement. One really old Pools fan was seen walking out of the ground with a screwed up face and holding his nose, but he may have walked into the loo door on one of his frequent visits.

The Ditchburn Poolie was a little controversial, as always, trying to tell me the ref had had a good game. This despite him having spent three quarters of the game expecting to see at least one from each side sent off, as history shows this had been the ref's party piece in the past.

So once again I ask "where was, nay, where IS Compton?" We could have done with his pace today but alas no sign of the lad.

Going back to the nostalgia, we need a Tinkler, a Porter or a Watson, even a Humps, to help lift this team out of the doldrums that, I am afraid, we are headed into. Considering we sold 3500 season tickets, the crowd just about made that, even with the Bury contingent. How many will be there on Tuesday?