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Another season nearly finished

After Pools finished March by blowing any chance they had of finishing in the play-offs, it's almost all over bar the shouting. There's six matches left for Pools to avoid relegation, but in all probability they're already safe, with Northampton needing to get ten points more than Pools (a mere nine if they wipe out a goal difference deficit over Pools of 21), and Torquay being almost relegated already.

Of course Pools will no doubt make it a nerve-wracking April and even May!

The Standing Dutchmen
This is them pretending to be glad they came

Following on from our cover picture from Holland, we have another Dutch picture. This time, the people are Dutch (and male), but they're in Hartlepool. They are a bunch of Pools fans who came to see the famous victory over Cheltenham which should surely have followed the famous victory over Bristol Rovers - but didn't. Luckily, Pools fans of any nationality are used to disappointment.

Running Monkey, with his unerring nose for a story, managed to photograph them and write down their names, some of which may be quite close to what he wrote down, but you shouldn't rely on it!

Below are: Pascal Lenties, Paul Broekema, Nolly Ganpat, Berry Klintmans, Paterick Derdeleg, Tom Kotsknt, Dennis Slaaphomo, Wim Terkoolt and John Titman.

* Is this white-haired old man the famous Frank Reid?

Central Park

Central Park, who has been writing regularly in the Bizz for quite a few years, has told us that he won't be doing any more articles. We'd like to thank him for his insights over the years, and wish him well, and hope he'll still do the odd one whenever he's inspired to do so.

Twenty five seasons of The Bizz

It's hard to believe, but this edition completes the first twenty-five years of Monkey Business. What began as a very enthusiastic, but crudely-printed effort, giving fans a voice that they'd not previously had, progressed into something a bit slicker, before morphing into its current online format, all the time retaining its unique features: humour and (mostly) regular editions.

Now a few words about writing or otherwise contributing stuff to Monkey Business. If anyone fancies writing articles, drawing cartoons or providing photos for next season's editions, we'd be happy to hear from you. Please look at the "Submitting Stuff" page via the link at the top of this page, for more information. We don't care if you can't spell, or can't draw - we can sort that out - but if you've got things to say, jokes or humorous ideas, get in touch. New blood with new ideas would be very welcome to take the Bizz towards its half-century.

Finally it only remains to wish all at Pools and all of our readers a good summer and we'll see you again in August - and not, we hope, in the Conference!