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Strange old season
Well, at last Pools crept into the top half of the league, but getting to the playoffs now seems to be extremely difficult with the number of matches remaining. However, that season in which Pools got to the playoffs at Exeter by winning their sixth consecutive match proved that mathematical possibility is still possibility, so who knows where we'll be next month. And for anyone who believes that such things can be more than just mere coincidence, the last match of the season once again involves Pools playing Exeter.

Of course the sudden defection of Craig Hignett back to the Boro may have a drastic effect if Higgy was the motivator at Pools. Tactics and fitness should all be sorted by this time of the season, so it's all about motivation from now on. Which is perhaps why Boro wanted him now. 

A reader has passed on a link to an interesting article.
It's written by a Poolie giving his take on the best Pools goal he ever saw. 
Read it here:


The author has provided this update to his piece about the Mail's age obsession.

Just for the record I managed to get my hands on the last copy of the Hartlepool Mail from my local newsagent. I said it was unusual to be down to the last paper at 6.30 in the evening. "Not really" said the shop assistant "we only get a dozen copies in at a time."

Straight to the back page to see if they mention Colin Cooper's age. Even though there was no mention of it they did mention that Marlon Harwood was 34. However not to be defeated, I looked in the centre pages and there was Colin Cooper's age, and I quote: " 'it was a lovely finish from Jack' said the 47 year old." They even got his age correct. However they didn't stop there. The Mail also quoted Luke James: " 'it was a wonderful finish by Jack' said the 20 year old."

Having nothing better to do I actually had a quick look at the rest of the Mail and if you exclude the Twos Company/Lonely hearts section of the paper I counted some 23 occasions when someone's age was mentioned. Gus Poyet is 41. Some chap who runs a post office is 55 and some gadgee who stole two joints of meat from Morrisons is 36.

I didn't dare look at the horse racing section of the paper for fear that they had the age of each animal.
From now on I think that all Monkey Business contributors should highlight the age of anyone that they are writing about.

Billy's Contract, aged 18 

And finally here's another couple of Bill the Biro's pics from Northampton.

The first one shows the rest of the Northampton Lighthouse (it's a lot taller than any real lighthouse), and the second one shows how much of the pitch you can see without paying to get in. Perhaps that's another reason why Coventry City's home crowds are so pathetic (they play their home matches at Sixfields).

View of Sixfields Stadium from the top of the bank