An Excellent February

WAGGA MOON on an improved situation

After an excellent February with the only blip a defeat at Northampton Pools are looking upwards at the play-off places.

And with Southend and Fleetwood showing signs of slipping up we are only five points off seventh place.
And we will have Monky's late season resurgence in form to look forward to. You know - the time when he realises he is playing for a new contract and puts some effort in. Who knows he might even remember where the net is. Colin Cooper dropping him for one game certainly didn't remind him.

Only conceding three goals in February has certainly helped our improvement although the contribution of Luke Williams should not be ignored. Recalled to the Borer he could not get a place on the bench at Sheffield Wednesday and this in a team that has not scored in eight games. They may as well have left him to bang in a few more goals for Pools.

Uncle Ken has been trying to explain in his programme notes how he can't spend any of the Baldwin money, too late for this season and doubtful for next season as well. Only succeeded in tying himself in knots and losing the plot with only the hard of thinking believing a word he says. Lucky for him Sam Collins is having one of his best ever spells at Pools so that Baldwin has hardly been missed and the fans are not getting on his back.

Some posters on a Pools messageboard appear to have taken exception to last month's article. It has always surprised me that the coalition government have not called on them for advice on the latest planned welfare cutbacks or the flooding problems on the Somerset levels. 
"He is even beginning to win some of the Mill House Terrace punters over and in such a short time that takes some doing"
Or that Balshar al-Assad has not been in contact for some advice on how to settle the Syria conflict.

Indeed there are some guys on there who live abroad and have not been to a match for seven years and know more about the present Pools team and who is on form than the guys who actually go to the matches!

The highlight of February was surely Brad Walker's goal at Southend and the best defensive moment was Darren Holden's fantastic goal-line clearance in the same game. Coincidentally the funniest moment of the month was when Flapper Flinders caused Holden to make that save as once again he went walkabout in the penalty area and knocked the ball straight to a Southend striker who was sure his shot had won the game until Holden dramatically appeared on the scene.

It seems Flinders will be leaving at the end of the season as his contract is up and he is one of the highest earners at The Vic although his performances this season haven't warranted his top earnings. Word is that Dimi Konstantopolous will be in goal for Pools next season.

My favourite moment of the month was when Marlon Harewood opened his account and how pleased not only he was but how the fans responded. I have a feeling he could become a cult hero at Victoria Park with the way he plays and helps others to get in the game and his infectious enthusiasm. He is even beginning to win some of the Mill House Terrace punters over and in such a short time that takes some doing.

Simon Walton, after a difficult first season, is really starting to look the part at the moment but even he had to put up with a volley of abuse from the Mill House Terrace against Torquay after floating a free kick straight into the Rink End. He wasn't best pleased either, trying to respond to the the big mouth in kind which is never the best thing to do. Almost as silly as Newcastle manager Alan Pardew trying to stick the nut on one of the opposition players. It is just as well the Hull player was restrained as Pardew would have been in even more trouble than he is already.

A big month to come for Pools and our promotion ambitions in March with two Tuesday night matches included but the teams all look beatable with probably Oxford United away looking the most difficult game. But they are ony Oxford. We can see them off, can't we?