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Strange old season
This is a strange old season for Pools. Most of us would have taken mid-table anonymity plus reasonably entertaining football at the start of the season. However, this division is so even that most of the teams below the automatic promotion places could still fall through the floor, some without realising they were in any danger. Let's hope that Pools' worrying ability to dominate yet lose matches doesn't turn into a relentless slide that's too late to rescue.

Strange old month.
Apologies for the number of match reports this month - and the
duplication of one.

Usually we post match reports from the first half of the month separately as Green 'Uns, and save the later ones to go into the Bizz proper, We quite often don't get any reports for away matches, but this time we've had loads. We even had two for Fleetwood. It seemed a pity to waste one of them as in both the match is only incidental to the trip.

Ronnie Westmoreland tells us that he has 200 Pools programmes for sale, from seasons 1999/2000 to 2006/2007, all in good condition. 
Contact Ronnie on 01429 872776 or 07722 856589