Bury (h)- As I Seen It

Pools 0, Bury 3   League 2  Wednesday January 1st 2014

Match report by RUNNING MONKEY at The Vic

All the talk in the papers this week and on the radio on the way to the game seemed to be of the opinion that Pools had turned the corner. The trouble with corners is you never know what is round the next one.

Today we found out just what kind of trouble you can blindly run into when over confidence sets you up for a fall. Even before the game the Ditchburn referee reference was wary of today’s visitors as the official from Tyne and Wear was too local. He will be too accommodating to the visitors. How right he was as the man from Bolton could have been the Bury twelfth man. No matter, as history tells us we never beat Bury, and this season they have now done the double over us.

Tommy Miller was leading the visitors today and promptly won the toss and turned us round. Always a bad sign to be kicking down hill the first half. Pools started bright enough and Walker could have given us a lead within five minutes when he met a ball from a corner and tried to stab it home only for his effort to be blocked on the line and cleared.

Bury were quick to break and a speculative long range shot was helped into the net by Flinders. The shot dipped in front of him and as he scooped it up he looked as if he threw it into his own net. Some good work out wide from Duckworth was wasted as his cross was hit wide from in the box. A chip into the box from Dolan just evaded Aussie at the back post as Pools pushed for an equalizer.

In almost their next attack the visitors were two up after Nardiello, running into the box, teased Ned off his line. Ned went down for the ball and the striker hit the ball past him to give them a two goal lead. Pools were rattled and it showed in their play. Passing was awful right across the board and we were making a lot of mistakes and never looked a real threat to the visitors.

On twenty minutes the goalkeeper was wasting tim,e taking an age to retrieve the ball and placing it two or three times with not a word from the official. Any time we did get close they defended in numbers. One opportunity was when Jack hit a rebound ball point blank but it was cleared for a corner, which we wasted with a poor ball in. We had four shots at goal blocked in one attack and as we closed the first half we were lucky to be only two down.

The half time chat was pretty much: we had been our own worst enemies, giving the ball away, wasting all the dead ball situations and despite the possession we had, we were no real threat. The Ditchburn and I decided that the problem lies in the two previous games, and as the visitors came today we expected to win and the manager’s own words 'I did not see that coming' speak volumes. Over confidence maybe but still a good hiding from another lower team.

The second half was no better, plenty of impotent effort from Pools and plenty of threat from Bury. Poole did have a couple of shots but both were blocked and Bury hit a shot just wide with Ned beat. Luke battled through out the game but once again getting no help from the officials as two sometimes three defenders piled in on him the first chance they got. Poole was out of sorts and despite his efforts made little headway.
"we expected to win and the manager’s own words 'I did not see that coming' speak volumes"
Franks was busy but again no real clear chances made by the home side. Pools were attacking and a blatant foul on Luke as he was wrestled to the ground was unobserved by the officials and they broke and scored a third goal that set off an exodus of Poolies from the Vic. Cooper was shocked into action and brought on all three subs but to no avail as Bury were home and dry.

We had plenty of possession but did not use it to our advantage; a poor attacking display apart from Duckworth, who once again was the only player with any real credit, and a very poor passing game from the home side, and a very frustrating afternoon for the home fans.

Looking back at the stats from today’s match and in terms of possession, attacking play and corners Pools came out well on top.

But there was not even a consolation for Pools who had seen much more of the ball this afternoon but failed to find target in a disappointing start to 2014 at The Vic.

We need the forthcoming week's break to get the lads back into a more positive mode, instead of talking about play offs. You only have to look at today’s game to see how far away we are from that position.