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Why do we do it? On New Year's Day Pools went down 0-3 to Bury at the Vic, in a match everyone said Pools were certain to win. The manager never saw it coming. On the messageboards, all the predictions were for Bury to score nil and Pools to get a few more. 

Now why should that be? Massive complacency and over-confidence would seem to be the answer, with both players and fans alike. Bury had been putting some results together, and Pools had been on a lengthy run of draws and defeats prior to their win at Morecambe. Yet that one game seemed to fool everyone into thinking Pools were world-beaters. They had apparently played well, yet gave away their lead with only a few minutes left. Luckily, they were able to rescue the situation, yet they so nearly threw away a match they had dominated.

A much more cautious prediction would have been reasonable in the circumstances, but we don't seem to do them. Just as we predicted automatic promotion for the season after our Cardiff final - but were relegated instead, Poolies seem to have a collective propensity for self delusion.

And talking of the Bury match on New Year's Day, Phil McGhee, mein host at the Mill House, was showing us his new onesie. After which Pools showed us their nilsie-threesie.

Anyone who missed the Pools Christmas video can find it here:

And finally, best wishes for the New Year from all at Monkey Business.