An Un-commercial Decision

BILLY'S CONTRACT on ticket prices

A couple of seasons ago some of the lads from work decided that they fancied popping over to see the Pools v Borer pre-season friendly. Turns out four of them made the trip over from smoggiest Teesside where in addition to enjoying healthful fresh air of the town of Hartlepool they, and myself included, also enjoyed a few pints before, during and after the game.

The exercise was repeated this season when once again Borer came to town. A good time was had by all and many hostelries in the town as well as the club itself benefited from the money spent by these foreign tourists.

A few weeks back they said the would love to experience the atmosphere of a league game at the 'Vic as opposed to the subdued relaxed ambience of a pre season kick about.
"additional bums on seats would have helped generate a better atmosphere and may well have helped us to propel the team to the next round"
I informed them that we would shortly be playing Coventry in the Cup and that likelihood being that the normal ticket prices would be reduced. All four of my work mates were up for it and really looking forward to the day out and asked me to order the tickets ...that was until it was announced that due to policing costs, ticket prices would remain at the normal £20. As a result the Teesside Four decided to give the game a miss and instead they had a day on the pop nearer to home in Norton.

When I heard how much 'Pools were charging for this game I correctly predicted, and I recall that I mentioned it to the girl in the ticket office, that even allowing for Coventry fans filling the Rink End, which they did not, that we would struggle to get a gate of 3,000 which indeed was the case.

My son for example, said there was no way he could afford the cost of the ticket as well as the train fare from Newcastle, as that was half a week's dole money gone in one fell swoop.

Another, a mate who is a season ticket holder, could not afford to take himself and his daughter to the match as it was too near to Christmas.

On the day a crowd of 2908 turned up. I think that the club got it horribly wrong and as such must have lost out financially by not not reducing ticket prices for this game. Including missing Coventry fans my guess is that we were around 1,000 bodies down for this match.

Since officially becoming an Old Codger in March I an now entitled to concessionary tickets. I could not believe that I was only charged £5 for the Coventry game. I never thought that I would say this, but that price was far toooooooo cheap.

Basically a fair price on the day would have been £14 for adults and £8 for a concession*. The club would have made more money all round particularly with additional beer/food/programme sales. More importantly the additional bums on seats would have helped generate a better atmosphere and may well have helped us to propel the team to the next round.

On the field there were no winners on the day. Off the field the only other result was:
Hartlepool Commercial Department 0. P.C Plods 1

Here endeth the lesson to the The Hartlepool Commercial Department.

*The equivalent prices charged by Coventry at the replay were £9 and £6 [Ed.]