Counting the Cost

WAGGA MOON brings us back down to earth

We are getting back to the Pools we know and love and the inconsistency that we are renowned for. Some good home wins, albeit some slightly fortunate ones, along with two shocking performances at Newport and Bury.

For the game at Rodney Parade I went with a friend who had never seen Pools play before. In the pub before the game I was telling him about how after a poor start to the season we had found a little form and were only 5 points off the play-offs. After the abysmal performance when we were lucky to get nil he looked at me in disbelief and said, "And this is what you call a team on the up!".

I had no answer to that one and it was certainly back to the bad old days with a truly spineless performance.
Still it is nice to see Uncle Ken still looking for ways to save a bob or two. The best move was surely to get Steve Statue off the books, surely the most costly mistake in the IOR reign. And that is not forgetting Micky Barron's part in getting his bessie mate to the club. Cancelling the AGM (for the second year running) is another money-saving wheeze from Kenny although it does little to keep the fans informed about the club's finances and prospects. Oh, I forgot we now have a Fans' Flannel to discuss things although it all seems to have gone quiet on that front lately. Maybe the pies and bottle tops are at a satisfactory level so everything is alright there then.
"I dread to think what we would do for goals if Luke James got an injury and was out of action for any length of time."
It looks like Colin Cooper will be waiting until January to bolster the squad, although with Hartley and Howard moving on we could surely do with another player being brought in sooner rather than later. I dread to think what we would do for goals if Luke James got an injury and was out of action for any length of time. With a second round FA Cup tie against Coventry coming up we have a real chance of earning a third round money-spinning tie with a Premier League club. Cov seem to have hit a bad patch of form recently with a 1-5 home tonking from lowly Tranmere Rovers. It certainly looks a good time to be playing them. Whether any money from a cup run would be handed over to strengthen the team is another thing altogether, and with Ken's reluctance to invest any money recently it may be a forlorn hope.

It was fascinating to see the interest in the auction for the players' shirt in aid of the Poppy appeal and perhaps no surprise that Luke James's went for the top amount of £501, but Michael Duckworth's bringing £500 was a testimony to the success he has been in the short time he has been at the club. If Colin Cooper can find a few more like him in non league the future will be looking a lot brighter.

It was disappointing to see former Poolies Richie Barker and Anthony Williams lose their jobs at Crawley this week. Crawley are punching way above their weight to be mid-table in League One. They are essentially and always will be a non league club who are likely to be heading back that way if they dispense with the services of management who are far better than they deserve.
Barker has the makings of a very good manager and his assistant Taffy Williams divided opinions when he was at Victoria Park. I always thought he was an excellent keeper at our level and far better than Martin Hollund, who was too small to be a decent keeper.

Of course Tubby Turner often preferred Hollund to Taffy, showing his complete lack of football knowledge which he proved time after time during his two spells at Pools. Tim Sperrevik and Denis Behan for strikers anyone?

Now Barker was a real striker and Danny Wilson knew one when he saw one. Barker fired Pools to promotion and some thought Howard was going to be a similar success when signed for his second spell at the club. But the majority of fans who thought he was over the hill, on too much money and unlikely to make any impression and a huge waste of space were to be proved right.