Any Other Business


Anyone who's already read the piece about Movember won't be surprised that the article was prompted by the fact that Lol and John, who between them have continuously edited or co-edited the Bizz for the last dozen years, both decided to have a go at it. 

Both were glad to shave their tashes off pretty sharpish at the end of the month, so if you didn't see them "live", this is the only view you're going to get!

We haven't done yet another Hartlepool Festive Bus for you to print and cut out this year, you'll be pleased to hear. Having already done two, we didn't think there'd be the need for a third. 

However, if anyone wants to see what we're on about, or would like to have their own festive bus, here are links to the relevant pages of the December 2012 and 2011 editions of Monkey Business. features a model of the Hartlepool Corporation Christmas Bus in its earlier, mostly-red livery, with a roof and chimney, and Santa on top.  features a model of the Hartlepool Corporation Christmas Bus in its later, mostly-cream livery, with Santa, sleigh and reindeer on top.

Don't forget that the contributor deadline for the January edition is before New Year's Day.

And finally, from everyone who creates Monkey Business to everyone who reads it, we hope you all have a great Christmas and New Year, and that the latter will be a good one for you and yours, ...and Pools.