Rotherham United - As I Seen It


Pools 1, Rotherham 2   Johnstone's Paint Cup  Tuesday November 12th 2013

Match report by RUNNING MONKEY at the Vic


The Yorkshire team brought a good following to the Vic for this cup game and once again the sage of Ditchburn was not a happy chappy with the chosen one in the middle Mr Drysdale. I will save any comments for him till I cool off a bit. 

The same Pools team as Saturday started for Pools, including young Duckworth. This kid is a great player and has been every time I have seen him play; he has great commitment to the team for a youngster. 

He set off on one of his Jinky runs at the opposition leaving some for dead as he swivelled and side-stepped challenges, found himself in the box and played a quick one two with Walton but was outnumbered before he could get a decent shot off. Poole charging down the left hit a screamer just wide of the back stick as Pools took the game to the visitors in cavalier style. 

Rotherham looked a slick side and a quick back-heel caught out the Pools defence but we managed to clear it. Jack made a superb tackle to thwart the next attack. Rotherham took an early lead from their first corner when the big striker Eaves got a free header past Ned which was disappointing after a good start. 

Pools rallied quickly after the goal and Jack had a great header that was blocked and Monky had a header hooked off the line, and a great through ball from Dolan found Poole in space but he was soon mobbed out of it and his shot blocked by the keeper, as Pools piled on the pressure. 

Poole was doing well but was continually hacked down or bundled off the ball, but I have to say I didn't know that a team could find so many different ways to cheat in a game. It was endemic throughout the side - a cynical edge to their game to stop Pools playing football once they took the lead. The same treatment was meted out to any Pools player that looked a threat to them. To watch a fellow professional jump into a player going up for a high ball and to turn him over in the air was criminal but they continued unabated throughout the game as Mr Drysdale had lost the plot, allowing it to go on from the start of the game. So much for free flowing football.

Pools did get some reward from a free kick given again to Poole. Some good one-two passing between Monky and Luke gave Monky a goal to level things up and it was thoroughly deserved for the attacking display employed by Pools. Mr Drysdale has form against us, once having had to be escorted to his car by police, and was never going to do us any favours. After the game I found that recently he had been dropped from the list after a shocking display at a Bradford game. As fans we should never blame all our troubles on an official, but to have two penalties turned down in a cup game and to watch a cynical calculated assault on your players, aided and abetted by a ref without any response from the official until it is too late, is galling. Is it not time these paid crooks were weeded out of the game.

To add to our woes, Rotherham took a lead into half time with a speculative shot that hit a body and was diverted past Ned, who had no chance, with the Rotherham player taunting the Town End fans, again unpunished by the officials. The Sage was incandescent with rage explaining that the FA were a bunch of vodka soaked old farts if they can claim you book a player for taking off a shirt but not for intimidating opposition fans. Which of those actions could lead to a riot? The Town End responded with"You lucky Yorkshire bastards."

The second half was a bit like the Alamo for Rotherham as Pools attacked in numbers. with Franks, Monky, Poole and Luke all pushing Pools forward and again getting clattered at every opportunity, but at least now the cards were being shown, albeit too late in the day.

Jack was unlucky, storming in to meet a cross that just skimmed his head and went wide. Another message sent to Mr Walton, who was taking most of the dead ball kicks, tried two corners that were totally wasted when we needed it most, both of them not even making it into the box. “If you can’t take a corner then F OFF’’ - my sentiments exactly as he is back to showboating. Stealing six inches at a corner in front of your own fans is childish if you balls up the kick. In a skirmish he had when playing another blind ball to no one he tripped up and you should have seen the dirty look he gave the clump of grass that had just robbed him of the ball and left him on his arris.

I have to point the finger at the discipline of some of our players but it is understandable in the circumstances Even Higgy was warned and spoken to by Drysdale for voicing his comments. We do get wound up by some teams easily and we are far better than that in a playing sense; we were the better team on the day without the luck.

All our effort came to little reward as Luke was chopped down in the box. Sweeney had a volley over that should have at least been on target so we are out of the cup once again.
"I didn't know that a team could find so many different ways to cheat in a game."

One from the Ditchburn sage at half time while watching the subs warm up was: "This lad Andy Pringle is a good player - he makes some crisp passes."

I have to say in my day players turned up in brown footy boots smelling of dubbin. If a lad turned up to play in yellow boots he would have been called a puff, well today Rotherham had at least seven puffs playing for them. I suppose it is true what they say about Yorkshire men.

Monky played a blinder today, and from the sage again another gem: A seventeen year old Andy Monkhouse played for Rotherham, and scored on his debut against Hartlepool United. So no wonder he rattled them all night and it was good to watch.

Two ex-Poolies also on show today: Skarz and Nardiello (who was still invisible - good job they did not bring their Shearer on).