Looking Good

WAGGA MOON likes what he's seeing

Colin Cooper has continued his fine work at Pools which should see him rewarded with a Manager of the Month award and Luke James possibly picking up the Player of the Month award for his vital goals in October.

James is showing what a lot of supporters suspected last season. That he is the best striker at the club by a country mile. It is just a pity that our two Scottish managers last season didn't get it.  Instead preferring Steve Howard whose failure to do the business led to both their downfalls and a one-way ticket back to Jockoland. And zero chance of getting another manager's job in the Football League.

Of course the excellent results in October have done a good job in deflecting the flak from Uncle Ken and Big Russ but they still have big questions to answer. And not the sort that we will get from the talking shop they have set up. Yes, our beloved fans' flannel. Just the job if you have a problem with the caps on your pop bottles, whether they are left or right thread, or indeed if they are on the bottle at all. Or if some divvy is putting too much milk or sugar in your half-time cuppa or why it costs you £3 to park near the ground on a piece of land covered in pot holes and guaranteed to knacker the suspension on your car if you park there at night. These will all be discussed in great detail no doubt, but questions on the football side will get the swerve as usual.
"We certainly have nothing to fear in this League as I don't think there is a really outstanding team in the division."
We are still waiting to hear who was dishing out contracts when we had no manager and whose idea it was to give Steve Statue a two-year contract at the age of 36 and the scoring record of a Conference full-back over the last five years.

Thankfully after serving his three-match suspension Big Steve has not had a sniff of the first team and long may it continue. If he intends seeing out his contract with Pools it might be that his ignominious sending off will be the last act of what has been a decent career.
I am sure he must have more pride than to slide out of football in that fashion, and a loan move out of the club must surely be the best solution for all parties.

Sorry to hear Tony Mowbray has left the Borer and hope it won't affect our position in taking loan players from them, as Christian Burgess and Matty Dolan have been sound acquisitions to our club. The rumours that Cooper is in with a shout will hopefully be false and I think it is a bit early in his managerial career to be thinking about a move, but I have no doubt he is going to be a big success with Pools. Like Brian Clough and Peter Taylor starting out with Pools, hopefully Coops and Craig Hignett can enjoy successful careers and the first few months have shown some good signs. I can see only good times ahead for this talented duo.

I don't think there will be any way Uncle Ken will ever ask these two to leave. Much more likely a bigger club asking him how much it will cost to take them off our hands.

If only Cooper could have been given the sort of budget Chris Turner was given when he first came to Pools I could see us really shaking up this division. It was reported in the local rag - or maybe it was from our fans' flannel - that there was money available to Cooper for a loan signing and for his wages just as it was to John Hughes. Now if you believe this you must still believe in the fairies at the bottom of the garden.

We certainly have nothing to fear in this League as I don't think there is a really outstanding team in the division. I think any team can beat any other on any given day and although Plymouth are in the bottom half they looked probably the best side I have seen this season.

Nice to see we got a home draw in the Paint Pots Trophy, albeit to a team from a higher division. This must be one of our best chances ever to get to Wembley, and let us hope that Little Lukey can keep his shooting boots on, or better still have a new signing to help him out. He might need it against the Millers because any team managed by Steve Evans doesn't take any prisoners and there will be a couple of 6ft bruisers ready to launch him onto the Mill House Terrace. But he is the type of guy to take this sort of punishment and bounce back ready for more. The most exciting prospect we have had at Pools for some years and long may he prosper.