Dagenham and Redbridge - As I Seen It


Pools 2, Dagenham and Redbridge 1   League 2 Saturday November 2nd 2013

Match report by RUNNING MONKEY at the Vic


As you know, we only deal in facts and the Ditchburn Poolie gave me this one before the kick off. The ref was a t*** and that rhymes with cat, rat or fat. The reasoning behind the slander was a premonition of the facts by the Ditchburn.

He claimed this feller would book more Poolies than Daggers today. Guess what - he was dead right; we won, four to two. As you all know we are not a dirty side but today we probably deserved at least three of the four cards shown, and that is sad, for the discipline in the side is on the slide.

One other fact of the day was that Mr. Howard is missing from the bench. Please make up you own rumour on that one.

Walton had the first real shot of the game, which was pushed away for a corner that was cleared. Redbridge had a good chance when they broke away and their attacker had men in the box but he was too greedy and lost the chance with a poor shot. I had just said to my mate Ken that we had edged the first ten minutes which was good to see, then we got the breakthrough, and a great move it was too. Duckworth, working hard down the flank had his shot blocked and it dropped for Luke, who fired in again and Poole raced in at the far post to give Pools a well-deserved lead.

Duckworth picked up a ball and as he moved forward he was totally wiped out. Ok the twit gave us a free kick but this ploy by Dagenham became monotonous with very little chastising coming from the officials. Walton had a good shot blocked from a corner and on a rare break Dagenham was clean through and the attacker brought a great save out of Ned. He is in good form.

Jack came to his rescue shortly after when he blocked a shot on the line. One of the funniest sights you will see in football was the Dagenham mob-handed, set piece charge from the edge of the box, all hoping to meet the free kick but sadly for them the man taking the free kick got his wires crossed and his effort was nowhere near as good as the organized multiple charge on goal.

Murphy was the star man in the visitors' team, another fact from the Ditchburn, but he was marshalled throughout by some great defensive play, especially from the Burgess and Baldwin pairing. Lets hope they can pair up in the cup game.

Monky picked up another booking and it did look like he left a foot in, giving the opposition player the chance to do a double salko with pike. It definitely impressed the lino stood two feet from him, who waved furiously for the twit to take some punitive action against the Pools man. The consensus at half time was we deserved the lead on the play so far and really could turn over what looked like a decent side.

Second half, Pools, kicking downhill, looked as determined as ever and really went for them, but the Dagenham winger who was very quick and slippery, out-foxed Aussie and raced past him, hitting a very good shot across the goal that Ned had little chance of stopping. Once again at the sight of an opposition goal, Pools' energy wilted and Dagenham really came into the game."...we probably deserved at least three of the four cards shown, and that is sad, for the discipline in the side is on the slide."

A foul on Poole, who had to leave the field for stitches, was not penalized - in fact he gave a bounce ball. I do not ever remember Pools winning a bounce ball and that was the case today as the Daggers raced up field with the ball. It was becoming obvious that the visitors had us rattled and were really going for it. We struggled to stay with them for most of the half and discipline went out of the window. Moves were breaking down too easily and we looked susceptible to the pacy attack of the visitors.

Aussie made a fantastic tackle to rob their striker of the ball almost on the penalty spot, which gave the team a lift. Walton had a rush of blood and took out one player waist high, for which he was duly booked. I still have my doubts about him, as he is supposedly a senior player and should show more leadership. There was an incident in the first half where Duckworth sliced a ball out of play and Walton was ranting like a lunatic at him. On balance of play Walton made more errors then most and he loses the ball far too easily.

The twit waved play on after Luke was head-locked in the box on a run and Sweeney later went close with a shot after sprinting into the box unmarked. We rallied late in the half helped by some good work by Duckworth who is becoming a valuable player for Pools. There was some good work in the Pools defence and in particular Ned kept us in the game saving a free kick from the edge of the box that he must have seen very late.

Pools won a corner on the Millhouse side and Dolan sent in a great ball that Monky headed home and it seemed like an age before the gentleman in black pointed to the centre circle, giving pools a 2-1 lead. During the nervous second half we had four full backs on to see the game out. We thoroughly deserved the win, and this is one of those games we would have lost in the past. The dark clouds were gathering over the Vic and lightning lit up the sky as the game came to a close with both sides having chances.

Anyone fancy a run in the cup?