Any Other Business


By our reckoning no other team in the division got more points in October than Pools, or had a higher goal average or goal difference, and that's without taking their cup win against higher-league opposition into account. That means there's a good chance that for the second time in a year Pools will have acquired a Manager of the Month award.

Without commenting on the coincidence that Steve Howard didn't play much part in either of those months, let's just enjoy the club's time in the spotlight (if it happens), and congratulate Colin Cooper on a well deserved bit of recognition for the good job he's doing.

However the old curse of the MoM award could then follow, and October may prove to be the flash in the pan that February was, but we don't think so.

And talking of Colin Cooper, he deserves a bit of praise for something else.  Last summer he organised an expedition to climb up Kilimanjaro, Africa's highest mountain, with a party of 12 other people that also included Craig Hignett and Jeff Stelling. The group collected a staggering £100,000 in sponsorship for children's charities. Congratulations to everyone involved.