Wycombe Wanderers - As I Seen It


Pools 1 - Wycombe Wanderers 2   League 2 Saturday August 10th 2013

Match report by RUNNING MONKEY at The Vic


On the way to the ground today the man on the wireless gave out the good news: no changes from the side that had humbled the Bradford City side on Tuesday night. A plus for Cooper - I thought he must have read my last piece in the Bizz on the jolly jaunt in the Tin Pot Cup, and taken notice.

On the same wireless I caught the end of a conversation between A.N.Other and Eddie Kyle, a summarizer on radio Tees, who claimed that it would have been better for one player to have scored three than five different players scoring a goal apiece against the Yorkshire side. Initially my reaction was “Why?” He reasoned that it would have given confidence to a striker to get three and he would be up for it again today, aiming to be a twenty-plus goal scorer for the season. Well I do not think anyone in our present squad fits that bill so I will gladly celebrate spreading the goals around the squad, offering us three or four players making double figures. He also said that Scotland would never qualify for the big events any time in his life, or what he has left of it, blaming lack of investment in Scottish football. I guess he will not be going home to visit any family soon.

A crowd of three thousand six hundred and forty there for the game today with only a smattering of Wanderers fans making the trip. So not many floaters coming to see the triumphant Galacticos re-enact the exploits of Tuesday night.

The same side scenario lasted five minutes as Walker went off and my heart sank when his replacement Walton took to the stage. As those of you who read my ramblings will know I am not a fan, nothing against the lad it is just in my humble opinion he has never fulfilled the promise we were given on this star from the south who, if you go on averages, cannot pass a ball consistently, cannot win a ball consistently, loses possession consistently and if he is not teapotting he is consistently raging at his team mates, especially the younger players, for being out of position. He is not a happy chappy at Pools and the body language says it all - he is average at best."After such a valiant performance on Tuesday this second half performance was hard to take"

It was a bright start by Pools but from the off the centre half who was twice the size of Luke simply laid all over him every time the ball was played up. It was annoying the home fans but went unnoticed by the officials. My mate Ken said it was the same feller that sent off Ned sometime ago so expect very little from him. Wycombe had a couple of shots blocked on the line but Pools were getting behind the visitors.

In the first real attack Wycombe appealed for a free kick twenty-five yards out after a nothing tackle from Burgess who was really upset when the ref gave it, claiming the Wycombe player was feigning injury.This became a pattern in the game and sadly due to the quality of the officials in this division they were falling for it. Fortunately the Pools wall did its job and did even better defending and clearing a short corner from the visitors.

Luke was given a free kick eventually after another foul by the centre half but it was given by the lino who must have felt sorry for the battering he was getting every time he went for a ball. This is going to be an obvious ploy against Luke as the season goes on so he will definitely have to toughen up and start dishing it out a little himself.

Monky had a chance when Franks fought his way into the box and chipped a ball to Luke who laid it on for Monky but his shot was wide of the mark. Pools were taking the game to Wycombe and kept them on the back foot for long periods with some slick football at times. Burgess had a header cleared off the line after some good play by Austin and Dolan.

Luke was given his second free kick after being pushed to the ground but this time the lenient ref got out his book after the lino once again flagged up the foul. Pools had a let off when a long cross from out on the left skipped through the box and evaded both attacker and defender and went out for a goal kick which brought the first half to a close.

As in the days of old, at the start of the second half the other Pools side turned up. Or should I say never turned up. We had missed our chance in the first half and once again the visitors came out full of confidence that we were never going to score and we became our own worst enemy. Passes were going astray, tackles were poor, we gave an awful lot of ball away and under pressure reverted to the hoof ball game simply because we did not get it on the ground and play football like we did on Tuesday.

Within a few minutes of the start we were a goal down from a low shot from outside the box, which again lifted the visitors. Poor passing was the worst thing to watch and after losing a ball on the edge of their box, their second goal really put an end to our game as a contest.

We were making Wycombe look better than they were with our own failings to play the simple ball to a teammate not to the opposition. After such a valiant performance on Tuesday this second half performance was hard to take and Pools fans were leaving with twenty minutes to go, which is sad to see. The early leavers missed out the time in the season when Pools ‘’TURNED THE CORNER’’ or at least we hope they have as Poole scored the first goal of the league campaign. It was a well-worked goal too.

Whether it was shame or whatever, at the death Pools attacked in numbers trying to force an opening and we went close a couple of times as we tried to put pressure on the visitors. Dolan went close with a free kick when all around were expecting a cross. Monky hit his shot wide but James Poole scored our first goal of this campaign with a close-in header as he raced into the box.

Little consolation after the first half domination. We are mounting up the cards too as three were booked but I would take issue with most of them considering the quality of the officials today. In no way am I blaming officials for our plight, as Ken says we are our own worst enemies when the chips are down. Talking of chips, Ken hung up the full issue of gear he was wearing on Tuesday and brought it out for today. Mrs. Ken queried the logic of this on a hygiene level but thankfully she will be washing his kit as I write this.