WAGGA MOON on the season so far

Well four games in and second bottom of the league again with no goals scored and this time in the basement division.

Those who thought this league would be a breeze are having to have second thoughts. But the league position does not tell the full story as the standard of football is certainly more pleasant on the eye than the turgid rubbish we had to endure last season. When the object of the game is attack we defend deep and hang on for a point home and away. And use a bunch of tired old pro's to make this work.

Our new managerial duo thankfully appear to be looking towards youth and there are some encouraging signs in our play this season. But again it is the lack of goals that is holding us back. I thought everybody accepted last season that the attacking options were not up to it. Howard, Poole, James, Franks and Monkhouse all having a go and failing miserably.
"...the standard of football is certainly more pleasant on the eye than the turgid rubbish we had to endure last season"

So the No. 1 priority for this season had to be a goalscorer. Yet of the four players Colin Cooper has brought in only one is a striker. And a rookie at that, with hardly any Football League experience. Nialle Rodney may turn out a good signing but he is not ready at the moment although he may come good with a bit of coaching. 

Obviously Steve Howard deciding to stay on and complete his contract has restricted the opportunities Cooper has to bring in his own choice of striker. Why we gave a 36-year-old striker with a poor recent goalscoring record a two-year contract on a reputedly huge salary beggars belief. Didn't the club learn anything from the Nobby Solano fiasco?

Mike Duckworth, Matty Dolan and Christian Burgess look really good young players and it is good to see youth being given a chance over last season's ageing failures. With money again very tight it seems another loan signing may be the only way to solve our goalscoring problem. Maybe Paulo Di Canio could help us out and send Duncan Watmore down to the Vic for a few months. Very good reports of him when he was in Non-League suggest he would find it no bother to step up to League Two.

And unlike two of our previous managers it is good to see our loan players put straight into the first team and not left on the bench as it was under Turner and Neale Cooper.

Very disappointing to see James Poole failing again to live up to the early promise he showed when first joining the club. Hard to tell whether he is afraid of getting injured again or he has the heart of a dormouse.

And Scott Flinders threw in another one against Fleetwood. All those who were expecting him to be off to a bigger club in the summer were living in Cloud Cuckoo Land. He is a journeyman Fourth Division goalkeeper who is probably at the same level as Andy Rafferty.

Having said all that I like the cut of Colin Cooper's jib and am more hopeful of some progress than at any time over the last two years. And for our chairman's sake I hope he got the right appointment this time appointing someone with no managerial experience. 

Because if we are relegated this season I fear it will be a long time before we return to the League.