Southend - As I seen it!


Pools 0 - Southend 1   Saturday August 10th 2013

Match report by RUNNING MONKEY at The Vic


It was a brisk start by the visitors with Phil Brown hoping to prove a point after he lost out on the job to Hughes, or did he? We will probably never know but all water under the bridge as they say.  

Youth is the way forward for Pools under the guidance of Mr. Cooper who probably has little choice in the matter. Rumour is there will be three signings next week, One possibly will be the twenty year old lad from Bradford, Duckworth who has been funding himself in a bid to get a place at Pools even though it as possible there would be no job for him he stuck to the task and has won himself a place by sheer grit and determination, so good luck to the lad. I only hope the other two are a striker who can score and a ball player that can make this team tick.

OK, it is early days but from the four games I have seen, we still have the same problems from last season, which took us down. Young Holden took some stick for hoofing a ball out of the box to an opposition player who crossed for their striker Eastwood to score an easy goal. That hoof could have come from anyone of six players’ as they were all guilty in the first half of just hoofing it away under pressure but some call it one touch football. It was classic Pools, gift an early goal and heap pressure on themselves.

Walton came on for Sweeney who seems to get injured a lot - maybe the armband is too heavy for him. It was backs to the wall for Pools, as Southend looked the far better side in a good spell after the goal. We were on the back foot for a long time. Poole managed to break free and run on goal but a poor shot let him down as the keeper saved, but we struggled to hold onto the ball for any length of time to build an attack.

"Walton came on for Sweeney who seems to get injured a lot - maybe the armband is too heavy for him."
Just before the break there was a sending off for Southend when Corr elbowed Jack Baldwin. He had been doing this throughout the half - I was just amazed the ref took so long to take action. Speaking of refs you thought they were bad in the last division we were in - well if this is the standard down here then be prepared for some slagging off.

I thought the sending off might give us a bit of a lifeline till someone told me it is fifteen years since we have beaten ten men. It makes me wonder where these statistics are plucked from when standing on the terrace. No I have no smart phone either.

Luke went charging into the box after a ball when he was bundled into the back of the net by the defender and again due to lack of attention by the ref this incident was overlooked.

We battled more in the second half and were making chances but a well-drilled Southend defence were just going to sit back and run the clock down. Poole had a snap shot blocked and Howard, who was on for Luke, was tripped in the box but nothing given.

A great cross from Poole saw Walton free in the middle but he was showboating and skied it when it was easier to tap it past the keeper. It was desperate measures for Pools trying for the equalizer but it was all in vain as Southend went home with three lucky points. Overall Eastwood made the difference between the two sides but it was a spirited second half by Pools.